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Stop saying you can't cheat, hear me out first

Sunday, February 4, 2018

By Dignifying Womanhood -
Castigate me if you want but please listen to my story. I met my husband about 12 years ago at a mall. Initially we were friends but became lovers after 9months. We courted for four years before we got married. So our marriage is now 7years. My husband is my first love, he deflowered me on our wedding night, Henry is the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me, he is tall, dark, handsome, has dimple, very clean with a good heart. I am always proud of him. He cares for me, practically worships me, after 2 years in marriage, I got pregnant and gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. My hubby still treats me like a queen. I can bet with my life that he doesn't womanize, drink, smoke or party. He is the best man. Our businesses are successful, he still have my time as if we are newly wedded.

Just last month (typing with an heavy mind), I met a man, that can't even stand with my hubby, came to me for assistance, after hearing his story, I assisted him. After three days, he came back to say thank you and brought chocolates (did I tell you I am chocolate addict). I was so happy, of course, he brought my best brand. He collected my number for any information because he is a marketer. I actually told my hubby about him but out of trust, he didn't bother me. I failed to update my husband about him (my mistake). Anytime I change my display picture, he is the first to make a seductive comment, I overlooked it, thinking he can't go beyond that when he is aware I am married. Within two weeks, we chat more often, started telling me about his personal life, I too started sharing my personal life with him. We became so close, that i check my phone early in the morning to read his romantic chat, this get me wet. I didn't stop him, there was a day he made video call with me, and I believe he intentionally showed me his penis (he termed it as mistake). I was enjoying him.
He didn't rape me, he didn't take me to an hotel. He started by saying I am proud, that he do visit me in my office but never took time to visit him, I was so stupid to justify myself by saying, I will visit. To be honest, I was already seeing him as a confidant. I visited him, he was happy, gave me chocolate, and started to gist, telling me how he admire me, then I was becoming uncomfortable, as I was about leaving, he drew me back and kissed me, his naked body, his comments etc., was flashing through my mind. All I could remember is that we had sex. Since then, I hated him, I haven't heard from him (I blocked all access). Well, the did is done and I can't undo it but I cry daily. Don't know how I can even open my mouth to tell my loving husband, he has never deny me of his body or anything, so I have no excuse to cheat. I feel like killing myself, I die daily because of this. Men irritates me. To the married women, please never give any man too much freedom with you. If another man is taking your time, making you feel comfortable with him, please be careful. Don't even visit a man (friend) alone at home, nobody has immunization over sex. Don't say you can never cheat, I said more but I didn't flee adultery, I was thinking I am too strong to fall. I don't know how to open my mouth to tell my hubby. Now I have learn my lesson.

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  1. Your story is awful. I can not really understand people who chat on the people who love them. Such stories always make me sad because of the people who were cheated on.