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Sunday, February 4, 2018

   What is life at the expense of your own life and ruins of self deception? If you can give a perfect meanings to these then kudos to yourself and if you can't then take note of these.....
    You may have beautiful captions and answers to these such like, they pay your bills more, treat you special, and are so best in making you feel comfortable and on top of the world; know these; that you are only but a side chick and cannot be married home and even if you are married home you are only but a second wife. Fornication itself is a sin, not to talk of extramarital affairs, dating a man who is old enough to be your father; come to think of it, do you know the psychological pains and traumas you make their wives and kids go through? Ranging from your excessive demands which is equally detrimental to the payments of children school fees, feeding, monthly allowances and lots more, if you continue to flirt with a man, who cannot marry marry you, when will you have time to search for your missing ribs, study him, and know him well for perfect understanding of him before marriage? If you think money is everything remember that money cannot buy love, morals, and intelligence.
    More so, what if you get married finally and you discover your husband cheats with a girl old enough to be called your daughter; what will be your reactions? Please the more we see the light of a new day, the more we draw near to our graves as our life spans reduces daily; And so if you are guilty of these please retrieve your steps, never destroy your future for what you stand to gain at the moment because "a part of kindness consists in loving young bloods and determined guys more than they deserve in order to encourage them in their growth". A true lady knows the face and read the hearts of the man she can love just like every sailor knows the openness of the sea because love is one thing that humans can't do without yet only for the right partners.....
           "STAY DIGNIFIED"

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  1. I still can not understand why do people it all make? Why can they love each other, not hurt. Without any lies and problems and, the most important, cheating on each other.