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Being a prostitute is hardwork and it pays, I am classy

Sunday, February 4, 2018

By Dignifying Womanhood -
My real name is Nancy but my common name is flashy. I wasn't born with a silver spoon, my parents manage to send me through school, I was an average student. During my school days, I passed through many sexual harassment from both male teachers and students (some female students wanted me as lesbian but didn't yield). I spent 3 years at home running errands for my street aunt. I entered into university at the age of 20 and as a virgin , a lot of lecturers wanted to sleep with me. Sincerely, I have a curvy shape, bursty and big buttocks with lovely hip. I actually fell in love with a young, single lecturer, voluntarily allowed him to deflower me. After 3months, he broke up with me, I couldn't concentrate with studies, already addicted to sex with him. I started succumbing to the lecturers' pressure, it was then I realize there are different levels when it comes to sex. I managed to graduate by using my body to get grades. I was posted to south west in Nigeria to serve, but my boss wanted to have his way, I gave him. After service, I couldn't get a job because most of the employers wanted to lay with me, it was then I realize I don't need a job since they all need my body. I became a classy prostitute, classy in the sense that, I operate on social media, Instagram, Facebook (Nationwide delivery but you will send transportation fee, to and fro before coming).

Once I post my pics, I flash my boobs and expose thigh, in less than 10minutes, I get messages, some would discuss on wanting a relationship but I tell them what I do, if they are interested, they send location and I send details but with condom. I have been in it for 2years but I am grateful to my creator, nothing evil has happened.
Why I am contemplating on quitting is that I have had some unpalatable experiences. Hmm, being an harlot is not easy. At times, I give myself break to heal up, I have sustained several injuries. I remember sometimes last year, a man called me to meet him in Port Harcourt, he is a married man, when I got there, he really admire me, he doubled my money but gave me conditions, that he love to chain, beat until he sees tears that he will be willing to have sex because he couldn't do that with his wife, so he pays to do that. It wasn't easy but the money was much, I accepted. For 1week, I was treating myself. Another case was a Dubai-based guy, he paid my flight to Dubai, on getting there, he took me to lovely places, shop for me. I was so happy, that was the biggest deal for me, when we got to the luxurious hotel, he gave me cash, the amount was breath taking but his conditions were killing, he had anal sex with me and brought in 3 huge men to sex me while he watch. The embarrassing part was after all, I didn't spend extra 5minutes, he treated me like trash and sent someone to drop me off. Many of my friends envied me when I got back but wetin eye see, mouth can't talk. Now the main issue is, I have to take decision either to go or quit this job, a man is ready to pay me two million naira but I must sleep with him (imbecile) and his pet with no condom. He gave me just 2 weeks to think about it. A part of me is telling me to quit and a part is telling me to use female condom when going but I don't know what I will meet there, the amazing part is he is sending me twenty thousand naira daily so the outcome of my decision will favor him,2days is gone already. I have friends, I don't have a boyfriend but toasters. Please should I quit? Can I still find forgiveness from God and can I ever get married in life? I am 27. I am still a woman and I have dignity, abi no bi so?


  1. I believe, I am not the only person who doesn't respect people whose occupation is prostitution. Women just sell their body for money. It is awful.

  2. I don't understand people who decide to work as a prostitute. It is so disgusting, I think. Your body, your honor is the most valuable you have and you sell it.