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Sunday, February 4, 2018

By Dignifying Womanhood -

A lot has been said and done to have a successful relationship, some even compromise just to fit in. The four basics things are simple yet difficult for some people to do. Love is not part of the basic things because love is the main thing. Its difficult to do the basic requirements without love, you have to love your partner first to fulfill the rest. After love, the next things are;
SINCERITY: The quality of being open and truthful not deceitful or hypocritical. If you truly love your partner, you will be open to him/her. Your past won't make him hate or leave you if truly he's the one, that is why you won't fall for anybody anyhow. If you are sincere in your relationship, third party can not interfere.
HONESTY: Not deceptive, not disposes to cheat. The truth is that there are more beautiful women and more handsome men out there. There are guys that are richer than your man and ladies more submissive than your woman. You have no excuse to cheat, if you truly love your partner, you won't be dispose to cheat. You won't make things that will open you to cheat/extramarital affair.
TRUST: Believe (be confident about something), can you truly say you trust your man/woman? The reason third party gain more grounds in your home is because you don't trust your spouse. Trust your spouse and give no room for intruder.
UNDERSTANDING: Apprehension, discernment. If you truly love someone, you will understand him. The fact that he/she shout at you once, doesn't mean you should provoke him/her more immediately. Since he/she doesn't shout at you like that, find out the reason why he/she did that. Study your partner first and understand him.
These four things are so simple but without genuine love, it will be difficult to perform. Love is the main thing, make sure you have it and follow these basics requirements and have an impeccable relationship.


  1. The issue of successful relationships always remains relevant for many. Unfortunately, honesty is not always present in a relationship. Good advice, the main thing to follow is in life.

  2. As for me, two the most important requirements are love and care. I am sure that if you two have these things, you both will love and be loved.