Friday, 27 July 2018


New Music : Apostle Mayowa David - Testimony Praise

Apostle Mayowa David is an anointed man of God that plays saxophone he has huge and great passion for music, while ministering with his saxophone in different events God does different kinds of healing  and great miracles in people's life, God call called him into ministry to set the captives free and to deliver the oppressed from all oppressions of the devil through Power of God in existence, Wonders of Worship and to raise kingdom giant and salvation of Souls, and he as minister on great platform with great minister of God in Nigeria and outside.

He is a Preacher of the Gospel,
Life coach & Mentor.
Worship Leader, ORDAINED & born Prophet, he is Jesus Agent for rising of Kingdom Giants & Salvation of Souls.

He released this Single powerful praise Mix titled Testimony Praise, extracted from his Album  (Unlimited Grace) he release this praise to thank God for his Grace and Faithfulness upon his life and to share his testimony through praising God with his Saxophone, Join him with this powerful praise medley, this will trigger you to Praise the King of all kings download and be bless of the lord.

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Sunday, 22 July 2018


Quotes : Ayodeji Karim's Political Quotes

Great Story Happens When  We Decide That Giving Up is not An Option.

Get Your PVC
Get Involved
Be Patriotic
Let's Decide Our Tomorrow


Ayodeji Ismail Karim, Gubernatorial Aspirant, Oyo 2019 (APC)

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Saturday, 21 July 2018




I believe when Jesus said: "Call no man Father" that was exactly what he meant but not in a PHYSICAL SENSE but in a SPIRITUAL SENSE. Now we can know this by also comparing scriptures with scriptures.

Since Jesus himself acknowledged that we had fathers in the natural sense and in other contexts, we can therefore derive understanding that when Jesus said "call no man your father", he was not referring to calling one "Father" in a natural or physical sense but in a spiritual sense.

Luke 6:26 Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

Mt 10:37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me

So it is very clear from the above that even Jesus himself referred to men as our fathers either from the context of ancestry, biological sense or other earthly contexts.

So in what sense therefore did he say we should not refer to any man on earth as "Father"? This is in a spiritual sense. When you call men your spiritual father, this is the context in which Jesus says we should not call any man "Father". This instruction is not saying that it is okay to call men "spiritual Father" as long as they are not taking the place of God. It says you should not call them "father" in this spiritual sense AT ALL. . One of the few Translations that help to reveal this context is the NLT. Read this.

Mat 23:9 And don't address anyone here on earth as 'Father,' for only God in heaven is your spiritual Father. (NLT)

This helps us to understand the context of Jesus' Words. In essence, we are not to refer to men here on earth as our spiritual Fathers  why? the reason is explicated by the statement that follows - because ONLY GOD in heaven is your spiritual Father.

Because ONLY God in heaven is our Spiritual Father, it is therefore idolatrous to refer to any man on earth as your spiritual Father. This is why you will never find any single place in the bible where any body called another person "spiritual Father".

A lot of people who try to defend this idolatrous tradition have tried to pitch Paul against Jesus by referencing the part where he said although the brethren had many instructors, they did not have many Fathers because he has begotten them through the gospel. However, there are  evident problems with this argument.

1. The words of Paul do not trump the words of Jesus

2. He made metaphorical analogies, but Paul was not in any way encouraging others to call him their "Spiritual Father"

3. Regardless of the above, the fact still remains that there is not a single person in the scriptures that referred to any other as their Spiritual Father.

....Context is very key in understanding the scriptures and that when Jesus said we should call no man "Father", he meant this in the spiritual sense because ONLY God in heaven is our spiritual Father.

Stop calling men your spiritual father.

It is disobedient to the words of Christ and Idolatrous.

-  Oje Giwa-Amu

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Thursday, 19 July 2018


Short Story : Glitch by Kenny Kore @kennykore

It's the usually hustle and bustle of the "melting pot" big city of New York today, as three friends take a stroll down the "concrete jungle" where dreams are supposed to be made, discussing amongst other things, today's policies, and measures which are supposedly designed to make human society "better", wandering if it's all not just a glitch. Is it?

CYRIL: "As a child, when my parent would catch me in a lie, I would be extremely strong and powerful in my denials.
This usually caused my Father to be extremely strong and powerful in his, and his belt's pursuit of the truth..."

CHERYL: "You do realize by today's standards your parents would have been convicted of the crimes of assault and child endangerment.
You would have been removed from your home.
Your parents would likely be forced to get anger management classes to get you back in their home."....

"You, on the other hand, would have been guided to a compassionate counselor, who would reward you with candy and small trinkets, for you to tell them how awful your parents were and how you had a right to an opinion.
You would leave those mandated sessions deeming your parents neanderthals, and even more solidified in your wrong perceptions."

"Heaven help us!"....
"Please understand me. I do not condone child abuse but at times I wonder what we have done to this generation, or, maybe, just maybe I am getting old."

CYRIL: "No, you are right, sis.
My Dad went to work for ACS (then known as BCW) when we were in our early 20's.
He came home one day and said, 'You know, by today's standards, what I used to do to y'all was child abuse.' and this was 25+ years ago..."

EDWARD: "My mother raised four kids alone in East New York.
She'll BEAT us with whatever she picked up; belt, extension cord, frying pan, etc..
You had to keep moving and do some skillful ducking and dodging.  We did not sass her and we did not play games with her.

I'll always love my mama."

"In light of what's going on in today's world/society, I would definitely say bring back the old ways of chastising. LOVE IS NOT INDULGENCE.

"Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far away."-Proverb22:15.

This must be what they knew back then, but we're leaving GOD behind,( it's the technocratic age they say ), but HIS Word is everything, and if most people aren't to darn distracted, everybody would see that this Politically upright, save face system of a society we have today is a GOD forsaken glitch.
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Wednesday, 18 July 2018


STORY : THE ELDERS DID NOTHING (short story by Kenny K'ore).

In our village the elders are like gods. And the more advanced in years a man is, the closer to the spirits our people deem him.

The elders father and mother everybody.

They take pride in the graying of hair; the more the gray, the more their words, for wisdom, are appraised.

So you will understand my utter dismay at what happend at the market today;

You know Udeme, the one who sells Ukazi?, yes! He was beating freckle faced Afam who hawks the best Ukwa in Urhobo market, for whatever reason I don't know. Although I suspect that Udeme was being his usual bullish self.

Udeme had landed three thunderous slaps already, as Afam, looking helpless, begs him saying, "abeg leave me, abeg....?!". There were three elders sitting on a bench beside the paraplegic old Uduezo, enjoying the gentle breeze, playing checkers and drinking palm wine....

They were momentarily stopped at their game to watch as Afam who was being manhandled mercilessly by Udeme feverishly begged to be relieved.

Nobody did anything to rescue Afam. I knew better than to get involved, I would hate to be Udeme's next victim, but the elders, the elders, they should do something, they can do something, or so I thought....

But they did nothing, rather they watched the drama gain momentum.

There was the devil in Udeme's eyes as he pummeled my friend, blows after blows.

Then something happened, Udeme cursed Afam's mother, it was all the provocation needed to raise the sleeping warrior in Afam.

From nowhere, the weaker boy hit Udeme in the groin area, and he fell on the ground with a heavy thud, holding his manhood, screaming in serious pain.

Now it was Afam's turn to dish out the blows, he was shedding tears, catarrh running off his nose, as he screams, "how dare you curse my mother", over and over, while he pummeled away.

It was at this time that the three elders who had been watching scampered to their feet to break the fight.

Ehhhnnn! I couldn't believe my eyes! Ehhhnnn! I must be dreaming, I thought.

When the Ukazi seller was beating Afam, the same men who did nothing wants to break the fight now the tide has suddenly turned.

Over my cowardly dead body, I thought.

I did all I could thereafter to stop the elders from stopping Afam; I lurched at their weak frames and made them stagger, I spat at their faces, you should have seen me, I even threw stones at them.

Yes I did everything.

And boy, did Afam teach Udeme a lesson.

I never knew bullies shed the bitterest tears.....

Ahhh! They say older men are better at interpreting the correct slope of a hill than the young, but these elders fall my hand today.

Wisdom doesn't always come with age o, and the breath of the almighty sometimes resides in the breasts of youth.

Ahhh, I was angry.... Ehhhnnn, they told you I'm a threat? I guess you heard right.

By Kenny Kore

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018


Rev Chris Okotie The Pastor of HouseHold of God's Church has offered to Head The Interim National Government.

The popular Pastor of the HouseHold of God's Church Rev Pastor Chris Okotie has decided to run for Presidency position of the Republic of Nigeria as the head of Interim National Government. He made this known in his letter to the Chairman of APC and PDP seeking a common ground between both parties to create a philosophy that best describes Nigeria as a nation with one common goal. 

Kindly locate the attachment and download the letters to both APC chairman and PDP chairman
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New Music: The Only God By Bona|| @bona_music86

"The Only God" is an inspiration from the Holyspirit. Its about how Big and Powerful our God is than any other creature. It talks about Gods Love, Mercy and Kindness towards Humanity.

Blessing shopade aka BONA hails from Ogun State, Nigeria, She studied Business Administration at UNILAG. Blessing started her music career from secondary school and her debut single "I hail o" came out in 2013 which she featured Mike Abdul of midnight crew.
 and second single "Baba o Ese"  dropped 2016.
She's also the founder of "Bona Music Band".
Bona has shared the same stage with the Top Gospel Artist. She's a lady filled with the power of the Holyghost with an Angelic voice. She's the winner of Distinct Music Productions at10 music, a spirit filled and powerful song that carries God's anointing. It was beautifully produced by Adeniji Peter Ppiano & Powered by Distinct Music Productions...

Download this masterpiece
It will definitely bless you...

Follow Bona on socials for more updates
Facebook- Blessing Shopade Bona.

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Mama Karaki.jpg
African Contemporary Praise/Worship Leader, Mama Karaki releases new single ''God Do Well'' off her soon to be released album.
Mrs Patricia Karaki who goes by the Artist name Mama Karaki is a devout Christan, a God lover and Music minister who has dedicated her life and times to the advancement of God's Kingdom through Gospel Music.
Her music career spans singing in her Church Choir in her early years to the release of her first studio album " Am Not a Failure" which was released in 1996. Since then, it has been from the release of one album to another, with lots of hit singles to her credit, like "Do not Laugh at Me", "The Labour of my Hands'' and so many more.
She is also the pioneer of God's Love Fellowship, which is saddled with the vision of shining Gods light and showing His love to a dying world.
The single "Do Me Well" is the first single from her just concluded sixth studio album,"Celebration", which is due for release soon. She is a proud wife and blessed mother of children.
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[NEW MUSIC]IZZY - 'Halleluyah' | Produced by Seun Laoye


IZZY releases another single and this time he takes us into an experience with the Father through worship. The song titled - 'Halleluyah' simply declares the awesomeness of Jesus, and our reverence to Him - a song of submission to the Lord in the place of worship to Him. 

IZZY is very passionate about seeing souls surrendered and devoted to Jesus. He also believes that worship should always come from a relation with God. It is his prayer that this song draws everyone closer to the Father. 

'Halleluyah' was produced by the amazing producer Seun Laoye who also doubles as a drummer and very talented at that, while it was mixed and mastered by Vincent Othieno. 

Watch out for more songs from IZZY. But in the meantime, be blessed by this amazing worship song and let this me your anthem every day! 

You can also get 'Halleluyah' on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon and several other online platforms. 

'Halleluyah' Lyrics

We sing Halleluyah (3x)
Lord we worship You (2x)

We sing Abba Father (3x)
Lord we worship You (2x)

We sing Holy God (3x)
Lord we worship You (2x)

Bridge (3x): 
Take your place
Take your place
We need Your Grace
To know your ways
Come fill our hearts
Lord we cry out
Let our praises rise
And voices shout

We sing Halleluyah (3x)
Lord we worship You
Lord we give You Praise
Lord we worship You

Lord I praise Your name.


Instagram | Twitter: @iam_izzybeatz
Facebook: Israel Izzy Odebode

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[NEW MUSIC] : Jo Ti É - Tim Godfrey (Feat. SMJ x Okey Sokay)

Coming from the stable of Rox Nation, Tim Godfrey and two of Rox Nation’s signed Artistes, the Ace music producer SMJ & super talented singer, Okey Sokay is this new banging single titled “Jo Ti E”.

Its a feel good, joyful tune that will get you dancing. We know this will definitely get church folks talking because of the beats and mentions, but we like it and you know we love more buzz, lol.

“Jo Ti É is a major Heavy Tune for everyone.
It’s freshly created to make a great impact in the lives of both young & old people.

We believe you’ve got a reason to be grateful! Get your dancing shoes on because this song will keep you overjoyed, dancing & praising all day! ” – Rox Nation

Produced by @samuel_giveson
Mixed & mastered by @okeysokay for ROX STUDIOS. 

Download! Share! Be Blessed

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Thursday, 12 July 2018


New Music: Preye Odede - Still Standing (Feat. Mera x Nolly)


Gospel music minister Preye Odede showcases an unusual side of his artistic dexterity that many may not be acquainted with - yet retaining the spiritual relevance - in new single titled "Still Standing."
The Afro Pop tune laced with eastern High Life percussion features singer Mera and Rapper Nolly. The song is a testimony accrediting the One who has the power to sustain His work, while raising adulation in praise of His name.
"Still Standing" follows the recently released "I Will Restore" and the spectacular video for the single "Oshimiri Atata," off the "READY" album by Preye Odede. The album was released December of 2017 and was acclaimed for tracks such as "Bulie (Remix)" featuring UK based singer of Ghanaian descent Sonnie Badu"You are Holy," "Ready," "I Will Restore," amongst others.
Produced by Funkcleff.

Listen & Download


Twitter | Instagram | Facebook: @preyeodede
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                                                                  PRESS RELEASE:

Musicolgist, Gospel Music minister, and Voice coach Naomi Classik Officially unveils visuals for her debut single "You Are God" the classik empire Queen Naomi classik Released the audio back in 2016.

According to her; ‘’this song will bring the world at large to the knowledge of the truth, remembering that God remains God, and He is the way, the truth and life’’. Furthermore, she said ‘’ The sick will hear this song and they won’t need a doctor for treatment, they won’t wait for a Pastor to lay hands on them, all they need to do is seek Him, as the bible says; For he who comes to God must believe that He is, and the re-warder of those that diligently seek Him. No matter what the circumstances are, they just need to believe that He is God!!’’.
This is her first ever official video since her first appearance on the gospel music scene. this video was shot somewhere in Rep Of Benin, and was directed by Best Ojo for VeryBest Xpression Produced by The maestro himself Segigo.

Watch Video Below:

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New Music: "Walk In The Light" By Omonike

The versatile Nigerian, UK based gospel artiste Omonike is out again with another powerful single titled "Walk In The Light"

"What does it mean to live in the light? The world can be a dark place, and as Christians, we’re called to bring the light of Jesus to those who live in darkness.

If I forget that it was He who granted that ray of light to His most unworthy servant, then I know nothing of Calvary love.
Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.
Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” She said.

Download, Listen & Share.  

About Artiste 
Omonike is a Gospel/Inspirational artist and a songwriter. She has songs to her credit including “We Praide You”, “Jesus Nawa”, to mention just this few. Her type of music could be classified as African Medley/Contemporary music.

She is currently working on her Album which will no doubt bless millions of souls.

“Walk in The Light  ” was produced by Mooreoluwa Tryz.
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Monday, 9 July 2018



Ayo Karim is one of the leading governorship aspirants in Oyo State, running on the platform of APC. Last week he spoke to City People Publisher SEYE KEHINDE about his plans. Below are excerpts of the interview.
Can you share with us why you decided to join the Oyo governorship race?
Let me start by telling you a little about myself. Ayodeji Ismail Karim is an indigene of Ibadan, both parents. I have many reasons why I decided to run for governorship. One of it is that there are those of us who call ourselves the educated, the exposed, well travelled group but we don’t get involved in politics. But the people who are not exposed, not educated are the ones taking decisions to govern our lives. So, I fell I don’t get involved now, we would be doing ourselves a disservice to our generation and our country. So that is one main reason why I decided to throw my hat in the ring to run. If we do a quantitative analysis of what has been happening to our country the fact that the people who have the experience and the know how, trained to deal with issues are not the ones at the helm of affairs. That is why this country has been sliding for so many years.
The truth is: we need to get involved. The way to move this country forward is by getting involved. Thats number one. Then, the second reason for me is that if you are coming from Lagos and going to some other places like Kwara State, Osun, Ekiti and 75% of Ekiti State, you must go through Oyo State territory. Statistic show that about 20 millionn vehicles go through our territory on a yearly basis and we don’t get any revenue from there and we are still looking for money all over the place.
Then, for the love I have for my people, the people of Oyo State. I can’t sit by any longer and look at things the way it is and not got involved by throwing my years of experience, my knowhow and the love I have for the state, to try not to improve the policy and politics of our country.
How will you respond to critics who will say oh, Ayo hasn’t got the experience in government or politics. So how will he cope?
One of the things we must understand right now is that we can’t leave politics to politicians to be politicking with. I was trained in the Army. One of the things you are trained to do in the Army is to be versatile, to be able to improvise. If you do those things correctly you should be able to overcome.
I served in the armed forces as a young soldier and one of my training is to adapt, improvise and overcome. What makes anyone think that coming from the private sector you can’t adapt to becoming a politician.
Its about transforming yourself. Getting ourself ready. Preparation is key. You know what you are going in there to do. You know what you seek to achieve. I see it as a race, at the end of the tunnel is the finish line. And once you see it as a race, the best person will win.
You sound like one aspirant who has a clear idea of what he is going in there to do.
Certainly. I do.
Can you share with us key points of what you plan to do?
Before I start telling you what we want to do, lets start by talking of what we need to do first. What do we need now. First of all, we need poverty alleviation. That is the reality I discovered moving round Oyo State. People are hungry. We have poverty in the land. We need to alleviate that.
So, there is no point in me telling you all these fancy high in the sky ideas which are only on paper. So, lets start from the immediate. What is practical on the ground. What is actually on the ground. We need to look at short, medium and long term strategies. We are hungry. We need food. So food has to be on the table. One day my team and I went to Ogbomosho. I went to Oja Oba, the biggest market there and what I saw shocked me. 60% of those who gathered to listen to me speak on the podium had bowl in their hand for food. This was at 10am in the morning. They had the bowls in their hands because they are hungry. That made me know that I had to change my strategy. The first thing we must deal with is the issue of food. It has to be readily available. It has to be affordable.
So, the obvious thing to tackle is Agric business. How do we improve the food infrastructure in the state. For me, from research, we have to grow in scale, we have to be growing up scale by scale. First, we have to feed ourselves, feed our neigbours and feed the world. Oyo State is the epicentre of Yorubaland. It has the most fertile and the biggest arable land in Western region. We are sitting on a huge value some of us don’t know we are sitting on. Lets harness what we have. Lets take advantage of what we have and use it to our advantage.
So, the first thing to tackle, in the midst of all these lofty, fancy ideas that we have is food. Lets produced food. Lets get people back to the farms, lets provide the enabling environment for us to farm. Lets put in place the financial structure. We have done all of these before.
That was before we all urbanised ourselves. Lets go back to our first love. What we are good at. A lot of staff has to be put in place. I am a farmer myself. I don’t call myself a farmer. I am an Agri-Businessman.
Lets look at it as a business 2+2 is 4. That makes sense. Lets make farming attrative to the young people, to our farmers. Lets scale it up. Lets say we are the biggest producers of corn. Let people come to us to buy corn. Thats the way, we are headed.
You told me categorically at the start of this interview that you are in this governorship race to win. You sounded very confident. Whats the basis of your confidence?
When I look at the calibre of the people who have come out, with all due respect to others, with no disrespect to anyone, if I don’t get involved in this race, I will be doing a disservice to my country and myself. For me, I usually don’t start what I can’t finish. So we would see it to a logical conclusion. Ayo Karim entering the political landscape is a new beginning for all of us.
We are young. We are approachable. And we are very very open. Our campaign takes into account Women, Young people, old people and our environment. And our strategy makes sense.
We have a 6 point agenda I, S, H, A, P, E. In Oyo State, we need to build Infrastrucure.
The Vision and the Mission is this: If you haven’t come to Oyo State to invest, you haven’t invested anywhere in Nigeria. If you haven’t come to Oyo State to have a good time in terms of hospitality, you haven’t been anywhere. You have to come to Oyo State to receive quality education. Recollect that civilisation and developments began from Ibadan. That was just 70 years ago. So, how did we slide from being number one 70 years ago to where we are today.
So, lets bring the glory back to it. Let people begin to say to themselves: where is the safest place for me to invest my money? Lets go to Oyo State, where is the safest place I can live happily? Lets go to Oyo State.
That is the picture that I can see, that we need to provide in Oyo State. A place where people are happy to invest, and have a good time. Its all about planning and preparation. Its a lot of hardwork. I am not saying its easy but hay! We are not getting into this because we have a lot of ideas on how to achieve and implement these things.
Whats the message you have been telling Oyo State people as you move from one village and town to the other?
It is that they should not think about this coming elections in terms of the moneyy politicians will give them. Don’t allow people to give you a sliced bread and take away your bakery. There is a lot we still need to do for our people. When we went to Iseyin last week to meet with the elders of the community, we asked them what their challenges are to see how we can help. What are the issues they are contending with.
Our model is after you have told us that problem, we would now look at how it will fit into our general solution chat that we have. It has to make sense. It has to be financially viable. It must be something we can do financially and it must be something we can achieve within a short period of time that will have major impact positvely on the lives of the people. When we started talking to the people the old man said the school issue is the problem. I said how far away is the school. He said the closest school to them is 5km away. There is no road. There is no public transport so how do their kids go to the school and back.
“When I look at the calibre of the people who have come out, with all due respect to others, with no disrespect to anyone, if I don’t get involved in this race, I will be doing a disservice to my country and myself”
Don’t allow people to give you sliced bread and take away your bakery.

written by Seye Kehinde July 9, 2018
{Culled From City People Magazine}
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All over Oyo State right now, Ayo Karim is the topic of discussion. There is so much talk about this young man who recently joined the Oyo State governorship race on the platform of Oyo APC. And he is making great in roads into all the nooks and crannies of Oyo State.
Over the last few months, this Ibadan-born businessman turned politician has been travelling round the villages and towns, meeting with both the young and the old, all the artisans and market women, telling them his message, which he calls the home truth. He wants everyone to vote, this time around for aspirants who have the capacity to do the work and not to give in to just collecting money for their votes.
Ayo Karim is an orator. He speaks impeccable English with British intonation. He also speaks Yoruba fluently. He is young. And he is vibrant. He is just 48. And he is of a good pedigree. Lets tell you more. Ayodeji Ismail Karim was born on the 18th of December 1970 to the family of Alhaji and  Alhaja Dauda Adebayo Karim. He is the grandson of Alhaji Adegoke Akanji Karim from the Ile Adeniji, Opo- Labiran compound in Ibadan. His mother Durodola Maya is from the  Maya compound Itamaya, Foko in Ibadan, Oyo State.
He had his primary education at St Georges Boys School. Falomo, Ikoyi Lagos and his secondary education at the Metropolitan College, Isolo before proceeding to South Thames College, Wandsworth, London where he bagged his National Diploma in Electro/Mechanical Sciences.  A qualified Bachelor of Materials Engineering and Engineering Design/Manufacturing  both from the University of Wales, Swansea UK, with track record of increasing operational efficiencies, reducing bottlenecks and downtime through Time Quality Management (TQM), he is a Specialist in initiating and executing ‘niche’ projects utilizing refined work approaches and best-in-class methodologies while ensuring strategic  alignment with organisational goals.
Ayodeji had an extensive military training, which covered Territorial Army (4th Royal Green Jackets) Basic Infantry Training & Fitness, Senior Rifleman British Army, and Officer Cadet, Royal Engineers Advanced Infantry Training, Military Qualification Part 2, UK. He is an almunus of the University of Wales Officer Training Corps Wales, British Army UK.
Le Pain Croissant Ltd, South hall-Manager • Charles Walden & Associates Company Ltd UK – Projects Team Lead • Fortis Construction Company Ltd – Executive Director (Operations), Chief Executive Officer • Costain (West Africa) Plc – Operations Director, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer.
He is also a farmer. He is the CEO of Winchester Farms Ltd, a 21st century meat and poultry processing company in the heart of Ibadan, Oyo State.  As an accomplished construction professional with outstanding skills in Project Leadership, Performance Management and Due Diligence Implementation, he has extensive experience in directing construction activities including national and international project management across diverse sectors.
He garnered extensive knowledge of the African region including Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger, Congo and South Africa in the course of his professional career.
With these unique skills and experience, he is seeking opportunities in adding value to the socio-economic development of our nation with growth-oriented ideas and policies by actively participating in politics with special interest in Oyo State, his state of origin.
“Our resources, human and capital, will be employed in building a viable State where respect for the people becomes the basis for all our project implementation”, he explains. Below are the plans he intends to pursue if he gets the Oyo APC ticket.
Agriculture – Maximising the vast arable landmass for the benefit of the people of the state through a system that guarantees wealth creation for our farmers and sustainable value for related industries.
Education – Building a veritable base to launch our vision for a knowledge-driven state is non-negotiable. By focusing and channeling resources towards the implementation of quality education through attitudinal workshops and job satisfaction for teachers. The strengthening of the inspectorate unit to ensure the maintenance of standard across every sphere in our public schools will be a major priority.
Youth – The bedrock of every growing society is its work force. We shall create a free skill acquisition training scheme across all vocational sector for the youths in the state with a governmental supported Micro credit system to acquire working tools after the training programme for every participants.
Transportation – Developing an integrated Transport System connecting the rail, road and air thereby making Oyo State the transportation hub for passengers, goods and services.
lCT – Development of a comprehensive Digital Library for the state and establishing ICT hubs across the state to train and empower the youth to become global economic players.
Infrastructures – Infrastructure and environmental development is important to the economy, therefore, through Governmental support, extension of credit support and focus on improving on the existing structures would create a harmonious environment promoting good health, sound minds, and booster to economic activities within the state.
Sports – We will use the development of sports in the building and improving of values such as competitiveness, perseverance, honesty, self-discipline etc, that form the foundation for growth, hard work and excellence. Our sporting institutions in Oyo State will be re-invigorated and restored back to their state of glory.
Not many people know that Ayodeji Ismail Karim didn’t just start this Ayo Ni 2019 project yesterday. It started 2 years when he decided that since the incumbent Governor wasn’t coming back, he will throw his hat in the ring when the time comes. He says he wants to bring about a change in Oyo State and he knows its possible. He has informed Gov. Ajimobi of his plan to run and he has received his blessings.
He has also met many of the stakeholders in Oyo APC to tell them he is running. He has a dynamic campaign team in place made up of young guys and babes who on a daily basis roll up their sleeves to enter the remotest villages to meet with the ordinary people of Oyo State. He has spent the last few months consulting and meeting people.
The good thing about him is that he has energy and vigour. He also speaks flawless Yoruba and impeccable English, having schooled abroad.
Last Wednesday evening in Lagos, City People spent two hours with this brilliant young man who is set to change the course of politics in Oyo State.
From what many people say about him, Ayo is a breathe of fresh air. He is very, very unique and creative in his ideas. He is  also unconventional in his ways. He believes it is time for Oyo State to join other high performing states like Lagos.
{Culled From City People Magazine}

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What brought about this title; Not a king but The King?... This title is divine and I can also say, its a mystery. We have to start seeing God from different perspectives, this would help us know Him the more thru' the help of the Holyspirit. "Not a king but The King" is a song presenting Jesus to the whole world as the real King.

Considering the fact that many Kings bow before Him, one would say it is an understatement to call Him a king. Although, what differentiates "a king" from "The King" is the article "a" and "the", nevertheless, we can't shy away from the fact that Jesus can't be compared to the kings of this world! His own kingship is unique and He alone has the ability to " enthrone" and "dethrone". Rev 19:6. 
There is more to say, but I'll stop here. Let's not forget that while worshipping, we should crown Jesus "The King", not just " King"...

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