All over Oyo State right now, Ayo Karim is the topic of discussion. There is so much talk about this young man who recently joined the Oyo State governorship race on the platform of Oyo APC. And he is making great in roads into all the nooks and crannies of Oyo State.
Over the last few months, this Ibadan-born businessman turned politician has been travelling round the villages and towns, meeting with both the young and the old, all the artisans and market women, telling them his message, which he calls the home truth. He wants everyone to vote, this time around for aspirants who have the capacity to do the work and not to give in to just collecting money for their votes.
Ayo Karim is an orator. He speaks impeccable English with British intonation. He also speaks Yoruba fluently. He is young. And he is vibrant. He is just 48. And he is of a good pedigree. Lets tell you more. Ayodeji Ismail Karim was born on the 18th of December 1970 to the family of Alhaji and  Alhaja Dauda Adebayo Karim. He is the grandson of Alhaji Adegoke Akanji Karim from the Ile Adeniji, Opo- Labiran compound in Ibadan. His mother Durodola Maya is from the  Maya compound Itamaya, Foko in Ibadan, Oyo State.
He had his primary education at St Georges Boys School. Falomo, Ikoyi Lagos and his secondary education at the Metropolitan College, Isolo before proceeding to South Thames College, Wandsworth, London where he bagged his National Diploma in Electro/Mechanical Sciences.  A qualified Bachelor of Materials Engineering and Engineering Design/Manufacturing  both from the University of Wales, Swansea UK, with track record of increasing operational efficiencies, reducing bottlenecks and downtime through Time Quality Management (TQM), he is a Specialist in initiating and executing ‘niche’ projects utilizing refined work approaches and best-in-class methodologies while ensuring strategic  alignment with organisational goals.
Ayodeji had an extensive military training, which covered Territorial Army (4th Royal Green Jackets) Basic Infantry Training & Fitness, Senior Rifleman British Army, and Officer Cadet, Royal Engineers Advanced Infantry Training, Military Qualification Part 2, UK. He is an almunus of the University of Wales Officer Training Corps Wales, British Army UK.
Le Pain Croissant Ltd, South hall-Manager • Charles Walden & Associates Company Ltd UK – Projects Team Lead • Fortis Construction Company Ltd – Executive Director (Operations), Chief Executive Officer • Costain (West Africa) Plc – Operations Director, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer.
He is also a farmer. He is the CEO of Winchester Farms Ltd, a 21st century meat and poultry processing company in the heart of Ibadan, Oyo State.  As an accomplished construction professional with outstanding skills in Project Leadership, Performance Management and Due Diligence Implementation, he has extensive experience in directing construction activities including national and international project management across diverse sectors.
He garnered extensive knowledge of the African region including Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Niger, Congo and South Africa in the course of his professional career.
With these unique skills and experience, he is seeking opportunities in adding value to the socio-economic development of our nation with growth-oriented ideas and policies by actively participating in politics with special interest in Oyo State, his state of origin.
“Our resources, human and capital, will be employed in building a viable State where respect for the people becomes the basis for all our project implementation”, he explains. Below are the plans he intends to pursue if he gets the Oyo APC ticket.
Agriculture – Maximising the vast arable landmass for the benefit of the people of the state through a system that guarantees wealth creation for our farmers and sustainable value for related industries.
Education – Building a veritable base to launch our vision for a knowledge-driven state is non-negotiable. By focusing and channeling resources towards the implementation of quality education through attitudinal workshops and job satisfaction for teachers. The strengthening of the inspectorate unit to ensure the maintenance of standard across every sphere in our public schools will be a major priority.
Youth – The bedrock of every growing society is its work force. We shall create a free skill acquisition training scheme across all vocational sector for the youths in the state with a governmental supported Micro credit system to acquire working tools after the training programme for every participants.
Transportation – Developing an integrated Transport System connecting the rail, road and air thereby making Oyo State the transportation hub for passengers, goods and services.
lCT – Development of a comprehensive Digital Library for the state and establishing ICT hubs across the state to train and empower the youth to become global economic players.
Infrastructures – Infrastructure and environmental development is important to the economy, therefore, through Governmental support, extension of credit support and focus on improving on the existing structures would create a harmonious environment promoting good health, sound minds, and booster to economic activities within the state.
Sports – We will use the development of sports in the building and improving of values such as competitiveness, perseverance, honesty, self-discipline etc, that form the foundation for growth, hard work and excellence. Our sporting institutions in Oyo State will be re-invigorated and restored back to their state of glory.
Not many people know that Ayodeji Ismail Karim didn’t just start this Ayo Ni 2019 project yesterday. It started 2 years when he decided that since the incumbent Governor wasn’t coming back, he will throw his hat in the ring when the time comes. He says he wants to bring about a change in Oyo State and he knows its possible. He has informed Gov. Ajimobi of his plan to run and he has received his blessings.
He has also met many of the stakeholders in Oyo APC to tell them he is running. He has a dynamic campaign team in place made up of young guys and babes who on a daily basis roll up their sleeves to enter the remotest villages to meet with the ordinary people of Oyo State. He has spent the last few months consulting and meeting people.
The good thing about him is that he has energy and vigour. He also speaks flawless Yoruba and impeccable English, having schooled abroad.
Last Wednesday evening in Lagos, City People spent two hours with this brilliant young man who is set to change the course of politics in Oyo State.
From what many people say about him, Ayo is a breathe of fresh air. He is very, very unique and creative in his ideas. He is  also unconventional in his ways. He believes it is time for Oyo State to join other high performing states like Lagos.
{Culled From City People Magazine}

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