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Evening of worship with Adedoyin Oseni, Sheffield 2024

Friday, April 5, 2024

Evening of worship with Adedoyin Oseni
On a memorable evening of February 25th, 2024, Sheffield was treated to an extraordinary gospel musical event, hosted by The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Victory Assembly and masterfully curated by the renowned saxophonist, Adedoyin Oseni. Drawing a crowd of over 250 attendees, Oseni hosted an "Evening of Worship" that resonated deeply with all present, bridging generations with its spiritual fervor.

The concert showcased a harmonious blend of music styles, led by Oseni’s saxophone expertise, navigating through a rich tapestry of traditional and contemporary gospel melodies. He was joined by notable talents including Theophilus Ogheneogaga, whose violin performance held the audience spellbound, and Angela Ohiorenoya, whose voice was nothing short of mesmerizing.

However, the event transcended a mere musical showcase to become a profound communal experience. It fostered a sense of belonging, akin to a family gathering, where attendees formed meaningful connections, united by music.

This memorable gathering was made possible through the dedicated efforts of Oseni and the generous support of RCCG Victory Assembly in Sheffield, which graciously provided the venue for both rehearsals and the main event. Their collaboration yielded an evening that attendees are eager to experience again. The event was coordinated by Tiffany events and Akiná¹£eye Oke 

Oseni is driven by a mission to harness the power of his music for the greater good, with aspirations to uplift spirits and enrich lives. He envisions organizing more events that deepen community ties through the universal language of music, spreading joy and unity with every performance.

Such saxophonist-led concerts are a rarity in Nigeria, setting the stage for Oseni’s future endeavors to be highly anticipated. There’s a growing excitement for what’s next, as Oseni aims to pave the way for fellow saxophonists in Nigeria and captivate audiences with his upcoming album slated for release in December.


Adedoyin Oseni is a gospel saxophonist whose music is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, and he is constantly exploring new ways to express his creativity through his instrument. His performances are always captivating and engaging, leaving audiences mesmerized by the beauty of his music.

With his passion for music and his commitment to excellence, Adedoyin Oseni is truly a talented saxophonist who is making his mark on the music world

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