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Music Video: Nnenne Ofoegbu - "Jesus Reign".

Monday, May 6, 2024


Gospel music sensation Nnenne Ofoegbu unveils her inspirational music video - "Jesus Reign". 

Directed and produced by Dr. Amb. Wole Oni (WOMP).

The prodigious gospel artist, renowned for her soul-stirring melodies, announces the release of her uplifting music video "Jesus Reign" on her YouTube channel (Nnenne Ofoegbu).

With a musical journey that began in church choirs at the age of nine, Nnenne's profound foundation in both music and faith has propelled her to become a leading voice in the gospel music scene. As a lead singer at RCCG Kings Assembly in California, she seamlessly intertwines her deep-rooted beliefs with soulful melodies to exalt the living God and instill hope in listeners worldwide.

Directed, scripted, edited, and produced by the acclaimed Dr. Amb. Wole Oni (WOMP), the "Jesus Reign" music video perfectly complements the soul-stirring message of the song, showcasing Nnenne's unwavering faith and spreading hope to viewers worldwide.

Experience the power of "Jesus Reign" on Nnenne Ofoegbu's YouTube channel and be inspired by the seamless blend of captivating visuals and uplifting melodies.

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Instagram: @nnenne_ofoegbu

Facebook: Nnenne Ofoegbu


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