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Problems Associated with Drug use

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Problem Associated with Drug Use

The use of drugs to alter consciousness brings about certain risks. These risks vary from drug to drug.However, the risks involved the same basic issue.

When drugs are used to alter conscious experience,it carries with it certain risks.These risks of course differ from drug to drug but the same basic issues are involved.

1.       Drug abuse: when a drug is abused,it causes physical damage. For instance,liver damage may result because of much intake of alchohol or impairment of psychological or social functioning. Frequent drinking of alchohol can also lead to marital conflicts.
2.       Psychological dependence: A psychological dependence may develop when an individual needs to use the drug regularly to maintain a comfortable psychological state.For instance ,a person may feel edgy,if he or she is deprived of marijuana which he or she is used to.
3.       Physiological addiction,tolerance and withdrawal: Many drugs easily become involved in chemical functioning of the body. The body adjust to the extent that when the drug is not present,the body cannot function properly and the person experience painful withdrawal symptoms. Addictive drugs produce progressively stronger addiction because overtime ,the body learns to adapt more easily to te drug in its system. As tolerance for the drug increases,larger dose s are needed to produce the same eefect on consciousness. Therefore ,the addcted person”s body chemistry becomes more progressively tied to the drug.
4.       Direct side effect: psychotropic drugs usually have effects that are not limited to a single neurotransmitter or organic system. There are other serious side effects,such as annoyance,numbness in the throat caused by inhaling cocaine,brain damage,heart attacks,loss of control when driving or operating machines. Furthermore ,violence and suicide are some of the common side effects of psychotropic drugs.
5.       Social effect: This relates to the effects the addicted persons behaviors has on the immediate family,neighbours,co-workers etc. To sustain the habit,the addicted people also resorts to different forms of anti-social or defiant behavior.

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