Leaders versus Manager
Managers typically perform functions associated  with planning,investigating,organizing, and control.
Leaders deals with interpersonal aspects of a manager’s job. They inspire others,provide emotional support,and try to get the people to rally round a common goal. Leaders also play a key role in creating vision and strategic planning for an organization. Managers ,in turn are charged with implementing the vision and strategic plan.

Below are the summarized differences found between leaders and managers:
Leaders:  Innovate,develop,inspire,has long term view,ask what and why,originates,challenge the status-quo and do things right.
Managers : Administer,maintain,control,has short term view,ask how and when,initiates,accept the staus-quo and do things right.

Leading flows from the core of a personality and cannot be taught,although it may be learned and maybe enhanced through coaching or mentoring.

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