Wednesday, 30 November 2016

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OluwaCyrus Preferably called O'Cyrus, a minister of The gospel with a mandate of taking gospel to every door step through music, O'cyrus is known to be a business risk manager, and it's high time for the fulfilment of the mandate. Ebubedike is inspired of the greatness of God that has no match and no comparison, Ebubedike is made of soft ROCK.

O'cyrus's  love for the gospel on the street. I.e Gospel behind the church wall...
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Sunday, 20 November 2016

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The 2016 edition of the JERRY OMOLE SAXOPHONE WORKSHOP is designed to bridge the long existing gap between the Saxophone Veterans and the aspiring sax players who sincerely desire to improve in their craft and be relevant in their musical career.

Our course outline is designed to touch every intricate topic as far as modern sax playing and general musicianship is concerned.

Sax repair/servicing is also available for participants at the venue by a renowned ile-ife, Osun State based Professional Sax Repairman (Bayo Brass).

Also, Various saxophone Learning Materials/Accessories will be available at very affordable prices. Affordable Hotel Accommodations will be available for interested participants outside the city of Ibadan. Guys, the benefits are endless… Do not Miss out!!!

For Reservation Contact:
Demmy: 08139738864
Soji: 08066633944

Date: Monday, December 5th 2016
Venue: RCCG, Jesus TempLe beside Mr Biggs, akobo Ibadan.
Time : 2PM prompt
Fee : #3,000 (tuition/workshop materials/refreshment)

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Monday, 7 November 2016

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Fast and rising sensational gospel music minstrel, Olawunmi Solomon 'OLAWUNMI' finally releases her debut single titled 'RESTORER' (Produced By O'Keys Music) to edify the entire christian community and her growing fans who could never get enough of her during her stage ministrations.

"It is a story that earmarks my many struggles and recounts the tales of my challenges in the music industry and entire life. Life is full challenges, and for me, praising God has me afloat in the midst of the storm. Through it all, God has restored me and given me a new song, hence the birth of 'RESTORER' - Olawunmi

About Olawunmi

The gorgeous and quite exquisite lady is a native of Ogun state but was born and bred in Ibadan City. She attended the prestigious Sacred Heart Private School Ring-Road and proceeded to Queens' School Ibadan for her secondary education. She has her first degree in Computer Science from the world acclaimed Lead City University.

By far one of the best voices to emerge from the town of Ibadan, she has worked with gospel acts like Big Bolaji, Yetunde Are and Edwards Sunday to mention a few.

Olawunmi who started singing in 1998 says her mentors are Yetunde Are and Efe Nathan. She however admires the voice of Karen Clark Sheard. She has Role models spanning from Yolanda Adams to Kim Burrel, Candice Glover, and a few others.

With a voice that could make Angels blush, Olawunmi skillfully manipulates her voice as she dazzles audiences across the country while playing around the fuji genre of gospel music. She seems to be very talented and relaxed when she uses different musical styles to praise and worship her maker.

Her ministration at DAYSTAR CHRISTIAN CENTER being one of her most remarkable ministrations, according to her, she says it was a crowd capacity of more than two thousand and she witnessed the manifestation of the spirit like never before.

When asked about the best comment she has gotten so far in the course of her countless ministrations, she says and I quote, "You have a voice mightier than your stature".

She further explains that gospel music is definitely making waves as the stereotypical part of it is gradually washing away. She believes that as far as the music preaches Christ, it doesn't matter what style you use. She says, as someone who has mastered the art of musicianship, the singer must be able to be dynamic and switch styles at whim depending on the audience and flow of the Spirit. All in all, she says one should let him or herself to be used to the glory of God.

The worshipper affirms that she has the backup and genuine support of her parents all the way who are also Pastors.

The ace praise and worship leader is a studio rat who has worked with innumerable producers and has featured in several collaborations with gospel singers across the country but never recorded her own song until now.

She is open to invitations for more collaborations and ministrations in churches worldwide. Her manager could be contacted for further communication.

Twitter: @Olawsolomon
Instagram: @Olawsolomon
Facebook: Olawunmi Solomon
Management: 08137898265


Verse 1

Lord I've seen you move before
And I know that you'll even move much more if I trust
There is no one who can comprehend how I feel
I will trust you to restore all I've lost


As we wait you'd come through
you make things new
As we await your glory
Come fill this place


Alagbara iwo nikan lolese
emimimo I put my trust in your word
great restorer, u and only you will I trust
great restorer, I trust in you fill my cup

Verse 2

Can this dry bones live again
you ask me
and will stand to prophesy
yes they will
lord I pour out
so u can pour in me virtue
take this new song do a new thing in me


And if my God is for me, then who can stand against me
Res:ise oluwa kole baje
the glory of the latter will be greater indeed

Res:ise oluwa kole baje
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Friday, 4 November 2016

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Safe 'n' kleen services is here to give you the best you could ever think of. Our services include; Dry cleaning, House cleaning, Office cleaning, General cleaning and Janitorial Services.

         Contact Us:
Mobile : +2347068328900
BBM : 2B1A7CE4

          Contact Us:
Mobile : +2347068328900
BBM : 2B1A7CE4

                                   We're there at your service...Cleaning is redefined!!!

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

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3 shocking Things that will happen to a girl after committing ab0rtion, number 3 will make you cry,

Abortion is not just an easy procedure that takes care of all their problems. Ab0rtion doesn’t just wipe the slate clean. Sure, there are a few women out there who will stick to that claim. But for the vast majority of women and girls, ab0rtion is a difficult, heart-rending tragedy.
When women consider ab0rtion, it’s important that they’re aware of the hard stuff, too – not just the easy things that ab0rtion clinic counselors often tell them. There are always two sides to every story, and it’s vital that women hear this other side.

1. You may lose your life or be permanently injured.
While the majority of women do not die from their ab0rtions, it is definitely a risk that ab0rtion clinics rarely admit. Ab0rtion is not just a safe, simple procedure. Some ab0rtionists are more concerned with efficiency and money than the lives of women, and it shows in the deaths of women under their care.
There are many risks involved with teen ab0rtion. To begin with death can occur because of teen abortion. It is reported that legal ab0rtion is the fifth leading cause of maternal death in the United States. These deaths are caused by infection, embolism, hemorrhage, anesthesia, and undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies. The actual figure of deaths caused by legal abortion is probably much higher than reported since many of the maternal deaths reported are not recorded as being caused by legal ab0rtion.

2. You may pay – both literally and emotionally – to end the life of your child.
After ab0rtion, many women experience post-traumatic stress disorder. (There is help for you if you’re in a spot like this.) Many realize, all too late, that their unborn children were unique, helpless individuals who needed a chance at life that only their mothers could have given them.

 3. You may lose your motherhood entirely.
Some women believe that their ab0rtions will allow them to postpone motherhood until they believe they are ready. However, all too often, these women never get another chance. In yet another example of nondisclosure by ab0rtion clinics, women are rarely properly informed that an abortion – and especially multiple abortions – may cost them their fertility.

Additionally, an ab0rtion can be an emotionally challenging experience for a woman, and this in turn might have an indirect effect on fertility, if she retreats from se xual contact out of feelings of guilt or conflict.
Women should not only be advised of risks that are common or widespread. They ought to be told all of the risks so that they are fully informed. No one can guarantee a woman or a girl that her abortion will not come at the price of her future fertility. Her abortion may take the life of her first, last, and only child.
Miscarriage is also a risk after an ab0rtion. One expert explains the risks,
Simply put, ab0rtion hurts a woman and takes the life of her defenseless child. Listen to the stories of other women, realize the risks, and please, choose life.
Ab0rtion is a tragedy in and of itself, regardless of whether or not we, as individuals or as a society, feel that it is so.

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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

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Fast Rising Nigerian Gospel Music Minisiter, Kemisola Ojo popularly known as 'Asakemi' is a praise & worship leader, a soloist and a song writer who has been singing since childhood.

She was born into a family where gospel music is loved. Her mother was the leader of a band called the comforters and her father is a pianist.

Asakemi is a passionate singer who sings with soo much grace n passion that touches the heart of everyone listening to her.
She has been privileged to minister in churches alongside with great gospel musicians.

Her debut single 'MOJUBARE' is a song that talks about God's greatness, its well arranged with a touch of Chant and some traditional accompaniment.
This song is full of sweet melodies & grace that is ready to spread to the world & Bless lives.

It was beautifully produced by Ace producer Adeniji Peter (Ppiano) for Distinct Music Productions & Mastered by Bode Ojumu for Soundlab Studios.

Download, Listen, Enjoy & Rebroadcast.

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