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Friday, November 4, 2016


3 shocking Things that will happen to a girl after committing ab0rtion, number 3 will make you cry,

Abortion is not just an easy procedure that takes care of all their problems. Ab0rtion doesn’t just wipe the slate clean. Sure, there are a few women out there who will stick to that claim. But for the vast majority of women and girls, ab0rtion is a difficult, heart-rending tragedy.
When women consider ab0rtion, it’s important that they’re aware of the hard stuff, too – not just the easy things that ab0rtion clinic counselors often tell them. There are always two sides to every story, and it’s vital that women hear this other side.

1. You may lose your life or be permanently injured.
While the majority of women do not die from their ab0rtions, it is definitely a risk that ab0rtion clinics rarely admit. Ab0rtion is not just a safe, simple procedure. Some ab0rtionists are more concerned with efficiency and money than the lives of women, and it shows in the deaths of women under their care.
There are many risks involved with teen ab0rtion. To begin with death can occur because of teen abortion. It is reported that legal ab0rtion is the fifth leading cause of maternal death in the United States. These deaths are caused by infection, embolism, hemorrhage, anesthesia, and undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies. The actual figure of deaths caused by legal abortion is probably much higher than reported since many of the maternal deaths reported are not recorded as being caused by legal ab0rtion.

2. You may pay – both literally and emotionally – to end the life of your child.
After ab0rtion, many women experience post-traumatic stress disorder. (There is help for you if you’re in a spot like this.) Many realize, all too late, that their unborn children were unique, helpless individuals who needed a chance at life that only their mothers could have given them.

 3. You may lose your motherhood entirely.
Some women believe that their ab0rtions will allow them to postpone motherhood until they believe they are ready. However, all too often, these women never get another chance. In yet another example of nondisclosure by ab0rtion clinics, women are rarely properly informed that an abortion – and especially multiple abortions – may cost them their fertility.

Additionally, an ab0rtion can be an emotionally challenging experience for a woman, and this in turn might have an indirect effect on fertility, if she retreats from se xual contact out of feelings of guilt or conflict.
Women should not only be advised of risks that are common or widespread. They ought to be told all of the risks so that they are fully informed. No one can guarantee a woman or a girl that her abortion will not come at the price of her future fertility. Her abortion may take the life of her first, last, and only child.
Miscarriage is also a risk after an ab0rtion. One expert explains the risks,
Simply put, ab0rtion hurts a woman and takes the life of her defenseless child. Listen to the stories of other women, realize the risks, and please, choose life.
Ab0rtion is a tragedy in and of itself, regardless of whether or not we, as individuals or as a society, feel that it is so.

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