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Music: Ifeoluwa Deborah - Restoration (Imupada Bosipo)

Wednesday, August 31, 2022


 Ifeoluwa Deborah is a young and devoted gospel music artist and songwriter who has blessed the world with her melodic and spirit-filled songs over time.

Most people feel ifeoluwa Deborah came to the limelight from nowhere, some other people have heard her song severally but don’t really know who she is or what she is capable of doing. Although, ifeoluwa Deborah has been in the music ministry actively even before releasing the song “Imupada Bosipo”

This song (Imupada Bosipo) is all shades of what Jesus did for her during her tough time.

The song tells us how God the Father cared so much for her even when all hope was lost, but God lavishly showed his love by restoring her joy and giving her comfort when men failed to be of help.

Imupada Bosipo (Restoration) in this song expressed the unconditional love of God towards her and humanity

Imupada Bosipo was recorded by St. Stephen in the year 2022.

Has you listen to the song, your life will be genuinely restored and you will find solace in the bosom of the Lord