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New Music : Ifeoluwa by Emmy Sax (Emmanuel Fajembola)

Monday, February 14, 2022



          I F E O L U W A (The Love of the Lord)!!!

Oftentimes we look around for what is not missing, there's a hole in our hearts seeking someone to fill, a deep longing and craving for Love.

However long you search, you won't find anything to be compared to your Father's Love.

All through scriptures all He did and will ever do on earth, is for a sole purpose of LOVE, all that He desire is that you accept this Love of the Father.

He'll go any length to prove it,

He'll do anything to show it, 

He'll risk anything to protect it.

Just accept it!!!

Your Father Loves you!!!

Ifeoluwa is a Medley Hymn that points and reminds us of the Father's Love! Don't just dance to the rhythm, let the Words pierce through!