Event : Worship and Testimony with Sam Adedayo (Big Sam)


So, i was priviledge of a notable unscripted imaginations for almost thirty minutes on the last day of the year

I was not sleeping but the trans was that of a strict compulsion to pause whatever i was doing. All i saw was the gathering of people with everyone's hands raised above their heads all in worship, and the aftermath were clustering of people in numbers at different positions highlighting their experiences of the moment. ....the least was instant healing...as there was the performance of the word of God.

Our gathering on the 15th of March last year 2020 was a huge sign that it was God..... from instructing us to shift the date from the earlier planned 22nd of march to 15th wch was eating already into our preparedness.... no one saw lockdown coming but He saw it, as lockdown was anounced immediately after the meeting.

The pre and post meeting testimonies are too huge to forget and recover from as we wait on the lord for mightier experience amd outpouring of his glory on the 21st of march this year.  *The doesnt call the house of jacob to seek him in vain* so, nhe sure has someone in mind whenever he demands that we gather.

The glory of God Will be made manifested through his anointed  vessels *PASTOR YOMI AJAYI,*  *GBENGA ADENUGA,* *IBUKUNOLUWA* and a host of others.

We await God presence and glory as our gathering on the 21st march by 3pm will be unto him not unto any man .... *No man can receive anything(including the gathering of his people) unless its given by God.*


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