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When I was younger, I was very sickly - Pastor Eben Alonge

Thursday, January 28, 2021




When I was younger, I was very sickly. I still remember clearly my mum would carry me on her back to and from Jericho hospital Ibadan. I was always sick and got tired easily. I was a regular patient at the hospital. I was always short of blood. I slept off in church the moment we arrived. People thought I was SS(Sickle cell patient). One of my uncles would taunt and reproach me as a weakling. He even gave me a degrading nickname which depicted I was a weakling, and he called me that name everyday.

I was on unending doses of Tonic, multivitamins , and food rich in proteins(my siblings and I still joke over this till date). Oh, I still have the smell of the tonic medicine, and the hospital rooms and floors in my brain. The smell is stuck in my subconscious forever. There was no solutions as it were to my sickness, but perhaps, management.

SOMEWHERE  between 1988/89 however, I was miraculously healed, I MIRACULOUSLY SNAPPED OUT OF THE SICKNESS! It felt like I just walked out of it and forgot I was ever sickly in the past.

Looking back today, with a more mature spiritual lenses I believe very strongly that the sickness was a spiritual attack on my life and destiny .It was aimed at terminating my life as a child. It was an attack to distract me from attending elementary school, and then have a flaky foundation. It was a huge demonic distraction for my parents who had to fend for 6 of us plus other family members living with us.

I have snapped out of that unending hospital visits for decades now. No injections pierced my skin since 1988/89 except for a few vaccines I received, or maybe one or two other times in between that I was sick very briefly. In fact I have only had just one hospital admission since 1988, and that was last year 2020, when I removed my appendix.

Today, by the grace of God, I am strong, hail and hearty. I can multi- task and joggle multiple things together. By my God, I can run through the troop, and scale over walls. I do not in anyway look like who I was before I was 10. I am eternally grateful because God is my strength and shield.

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