Song Title: KONIBAJE 

Artist: K.KELVIN 


Song: Kòníbàjé is a gospel afro pop that captures the faithfulness of Yeshua (God). Life is very dicey and most times seem unpredictable; no man ever achieve anything great by shear strength. It's not by power nor by might, but the grace of God is what makes living bearable. So, it won't be a bad idea anchoring your engagement per time on God!

Artist: K.kelv is a fast rising afro pop gospel artist with much penchant for R & B and folk music. He has been in the music industry since half a decade and he's a major player of instruments such as the guitar, keyboard and drums. His desire is to market the saving grace of God through inspirational and groovy songs.



           It's k.kelvin

Bridge: I have tasted of your love 

             I have tasted of His love Oh! (*2)

Solo 1: Everyday for me is a victory 

The Lord has painted my story

Trying to link it up to my history

But i later realize, it's not by power nor by might.

Gbogbo n' tí ma da laye, Oluwa tí kò silé

Gbogbo n' tí ma sé laye, i have a blueprint of it

I don't need to pressure myself, i don't need to compare myself

I just need to realize.

Chorus: Konibaje sé eé, konibaje oo

Oluwa tí gbemileké, mo ma yin ó logò

Konibaje sé eé, konibaje oo

Oluwa tí gbemileké, mo ma tò tà molè oo (*2)

Ye ye o, ye ye o, ye ye...

Solo 2: Depression made me wanna cave

 But the bible says yeah i'm a winner.

Every situation has its purpose.

Let me speak in tongue small.

Tongues: Ige de de do shayana


Psalm 49 vs 20, it's my strength 

Back to Chorus

Isagedebadagedebada say Yeshua (repeat till it fades).

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