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7 Seriocomical messages displayed on placards during protests.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

The movement of endsars has gained massive recognition beyond the borders of Nigeria and so many influential people have shown supports to the protests.

As is common with protests, many people came out with placards that boldly displayed their demand. It appears some people got very creative with passing their message across.

Below are 7 placards that has caused a buzz on social media:

  1. ENDSARS make i see husband marry; going by several reports and stories shared on social media, young men have mostly been targeted by rogue police officers who brand them as fraudsters and most times kill or extort. A young lady has left many amused by her creative expression to the protests.
  1. Na woman wey follow us go do protest we go marry: a young Nigerian man seized the opportunity of protest to pop the million dollar question to his woman and much to the pleasure of everyone, she said yes! They are going to have quite a story to tell their kids.

  1. *insert baby language: while majority of the people came out to march at the protest were adults, a little bold girl won hearts over although she held a placard with mindless scribbles on it, we can all agree she had her message passed across.
  2. ”Drop gun come 1 on 1 if i no commot your teeth just now: Recall the pastor that went viral for threatening to destroy the dentition of a young man during a verbal disagreement, well his words came in pretty handy for the protesters.

  1. ” sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to change Nigeria” due to the nationwide protest, many have been unable to go about their daily lives due to roadlocks and severe traffics.
  2. ”is this the way you want us to be dressing: there have been reports of people who have been brutalized and tagged as fraudsters for simply dressing in a certain way to look good
  3. ”iphone 11 no be ak-47: as is the case with people who have been harassed for looking good or driving fancy cars there are some who by merely owning an iphone have been branded as criminals. The young lady is letting the world know that having an iphone is not a gun.

what do you think is the best punishment for erring sars

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