MR TUNDE AKINYELE, NIGERIA KO NI BAJE(2019), REDEEMER KING (2020), releases a brand new single titled,"EXCEEDINGLY". 

This rising star in the gospel industry is coming strong this time with a little blend of Classical violin music, Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D (played in Bb concert key), to create a fusion with his vast knowledge in Classical music, Rock as well as Contemporary Pop gospel music. 

The touch of Classical music well describes the artist's favorite past times which makes compositions like this very rare among contemporaries in the gospel genre. This is no doubt a Professional work of art as well as a soul lifting praise melody to worship our ever benevolent God.

"Do you know how great our God is?
Why don't you give Him a shout!!!!!!!!!
Hallelujah!!!!!!!", Mr Tunde's voice echoes through the air the song kicks off..
EXCEEDINGLY is an intense atmosphere of praise and adoration to God for His magnanimous gestures to us all.

The kind attitude of praise we must display is that of King David when he danced selflessly before God.

We must all give praise unto God because He alone is God and its our duty to offer unto Him the fruits of our lips. Shalom.

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  1. The Almighty God that announced Joseph to the World shall announce you to the World IJN


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