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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

1. Rejecting food. 
When there is an issue. This is a sign of immaturity, whether you gave the money for the food preparation or not, you should eat except you are immature. Do not allow any issue to linger unnecessarily, though some women can be really troublesome. 
2. Telling your wife severally that you are the head. 
This constant reminder is very unnecessary. Even when she disobeys or disrespects you, she still knows you are the head. Screaming it daily may not really change anything. Don't become a nagging husband to prove your headship. Women hates it when a man nags as much as a man does when a woman nags. 
3. Issuing threats. 
Beating a woman, verbally abusing her, issuing threats of divorce or bragging about taking another wife does not make you the man. Remember that empty barrels makes the loudest noise. Naturally your strength lies in your ability to tame your tongue and control your fist. Develop self control before controlling others. 
4. Reporting your wife to friends and family members.
When there is an offence, correct by talking things through. You do not score a valid point by going about talking to friends or family members. You can rather talk to trained along this line or people called into marriage counseling. Don't keep talking to people about her mistakes, they will see her from that perspective and you are selling her cheap, you can not redeem her no matter the amount. 
5. Keeping malice
It is very interesting to know that there are men that keep malice with their wives. Even some men nag isn't that funny? Some will stand and abuse and call their wives names even in public. When you engage in all these, you seem more like a big - boy rather than a man. This can turn your home into a den of insults and confrontations. There is a limit to human endurance no matter how quiet she is. 
6. Not helping with house chores. 
It is not a bad thing for a man to help with the house chores most of the time. But the woman must Know that it is the sole responsibility of the woman to carry out the house chores and manage the home whether or not she's a full time house wife. A man lending a hand is not a bad idea. Sitting to watch the TV or read the papers when there is so much to do not caring how stressful the day had been for her or how hectic taking care of him and the children can be can only increase pressure in the home. 
Occasionally checking on your wife while she works is a form of encouragement. Your children picks certain ideals from it especially your male children. Appreciation is also very important a word of thank you to your wife can help to boost her morale. Giving a helping hand with bathing, feeding and changing of diaper for your babies shows a whole lot of care for your children. 
Real men are pillars of support for his wife and not a sauce of depression. Go be a doer.

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