Olamide lawal is a gospel singer. She was born into a christian home and has been into music for over some years now. 

Educational background:    She went to George and duke nursery and primary school, felele, ibadan for her primary education. She also attended Calvary international college, felele, ibadan where she later crossed to Alayande School of Science, Oke-ado, Ibadan. she had her BSc programme at Federal university of Agriculture, Abeokuta as a biological scientists.

Experience in childhood days: Her growing up has been quite demanding and due to the kind of person she is,always committed and dedicated to service , she finds it easy in Christ....

How/When she started music:   She has been into music since her secondary school days, where she joined a dance drama group, and her role then was to chant/praise the name of God before they are set to act,she later had a music crew at higher institution called ''Akewi Igbala'', including some music groups she was part of but Presently the worship minister at Haven nation ministry and so on....

• WATCH OUT• For Her Latest Single "SE LOBA"

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