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ONISE is a music that speaks about the sufficiency and power of God;that he is God who can do all things and that is why He is called the "All-doing God". therefore,no matter what you Are going through,it is not beyond what God can handle because He has done it in the past and He will still do it again.
It is a song that exalts the power of God through worship and as you listen HE will settle your case as He has done for others who have listened to this music and worshipped God with it..
Good for personal
And corporate devotion

Ahh Ehhi onise o ahh ahh(All-doing God)

ONISE agbara o(the mighty working God)

Wa fagbara re han o(manifest your power)

ONISE o(All-doing God)

ONISE wa sise re (All-doing God, perform your wonders)

Iwo lolese o (only you can do this)

Ipa mi ko let ka nkankan (my strength Is insufficient)

Baba wa Jeri ara re(father, manifest yourself)

Aileyipada loruko re(unchangeable is your name)

O ti se nigba kan ri(you have done it in time past)

Otun ma se lekan si (you will do it again)

Mo ri ka ninu iwe mimo(I read it in the scripture)

Bo se mu aro Lara da(as lames were healed)

To tun ji oku dide o(and Dead were brought back to life)

Ipa mi ko le ka nkankan(my strength is insufficient)

Baba wa Jeri ara re (father, manifest yourself)

ONISE.....agbara.,.(the mighty working God)
ONISE..,...iyanu...(the miracle working God)
ONISE......idande....(the God that delivers)
Baba wa Jeri ara re (father manifest yourself)

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