Kingsley odanike OGHENEochuko is a dynamic music minister,a songwriter,composer, etc  hailed from delta state(URHOBO proper) and based in Ibadan oyo state.

About the song- *BUJADE*  is a prophetic and faith lifting yoruba contemporary worror song. It is a song which assures every believers that no one can come to GOD'S PRESENCE and go empty handed. this HOLY GHOST empowered prayer song is capable of transforming your entire life for good. All you need is BELIEVE. if you believe, you will receive.


BUJADE  lyrics.* by Kingsley Odanike.

mi o ni wa  lasan
mi o ni lo... lofo/2x
Olorun ogo, a bujade laye mi
mi o ni lo... Lofo.

*Stanza 1*
My brother my sister don't give up now.
It doesn't matter the problem you're facing now,
My Jesus is able to meet your need,
So gear up your faith and sing with me./2x

*repeat chorus*

*2nd Stanza*
You've worked so hard but nothing to show,
 you have tried and tried to no avail,
My Jesus will surely answer your prayers-
All you need is believe and sing by faith.

*3rd stanza*
Brother mi-sister mi, mama banuje,
Gbeke re loluwa, ti kii Dani,
Agbara igbaani ohun bee siibe,
All you need is believe and have faith.

*repeat chorus*

*bridge*(call and response)

:- He's the king/3x
The king of kings.

:-He's the lord/3x
The Lord of lords.

:-I have come to see the king,i won't go without a gift./3x

*All:-* GOD of glory/3x
Manifest yourself. *(3x)*
God of Glory/3x
Manifest your,manifest your, manifest yourself.

Lori aye mi.....

Lori ile mi...

Bujade ....
Lori ISE mi.....


Lori ebi mi../2x etc

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