Go Get Your PVC

Good Governance can only be achieved by the people's choice in determining the elected.

Mai shayi has a PVC
Mai barrow has a PVC
Mai Debino has a PVC
Shoe shiner has a PVC
Sugar cane seller has a PVC
Bus Drivers / Conductors have PVC
Motor park Agberos have PVC

You (a student, graduate, MSC holder) with all your education, exposure, with all the chaos & mayhem happening in Nigeria, You still don't have a PVC.

My fuzz is that You even try to justify why you don't have one "my vote won't count".

For the sake of those who paid your school fees & fed you through school, pls don't make all your education/exposure seem useless with statements like that.

If votes don't count, politicians won't bribe/pay people to vote them.

Go get Ur #PVC please.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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