New Music: Sharon Ikekhua - Totori [Feat. Agent Snypa]


From the stables of WordBreed Inc. comes the Reggae/AfroPop fusion by Sharon Ikekhua featuring Agent Snypa.

The single "Totori" is a love song to God and it expresses Sharon's passion, which is not an exhibition of aesthetics in a love song but an experience conveyed in gratitude and a message encapsulated in rhythms.

"Your love is my song, oh Lord. I will sing it and forever tell everyone how faithful You are. I won't quit telling your love story (Psalms 89:1 MSG). Because Your love is better than wine, headier (potent, intoxicating, stimulating, strong, invigorating) than any aromatic oils or spices (songs of Solomon 1:2 MSG) Your love tickles (totori) my heart." - Sharon.

Sharon is a member of the WordBreed Inc. and works with worship music minister Chris Shalom.


Twitter: @IkekhuaSharon | @agentsnypa

Instagram: @sharonikekhua

Facebook: Sharon Ikekhua
Kind Regards

- Word of Wisdom:

"Do not be excessively righteous ...Do not be excessively wicked... Why should you die before your time?…" - Ecclesiastes 7:16-17

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