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Thursday, November 16, 2017

The first day I met you was the best day of my life
Something I never imagined came my way
I tried to blink it away
But it becomes more clearer, that I can't but admit it
This is more than my imagination
You are just too perfect for me.

I wondered and am still wondering
Why! Why it has to be me
Of all ladies why am I the one you chose
Am not perfect am not the best
Even though I know that the guy I will forever choose Wil be the luckiest in the world
Still yet
You are just too perfect for me.

I tried to hold back the tears but I can't
I tried to smile but I was too stunned
I tried to shout but I suddenly forget how to do it
Then I concluded that
I must have been wonderful in my past life for you to choose me, to share your love

This wonderful feeling I want to share with the whole world
You have brought joy to my whole life
I can't stop feeling younger
I want to live my whole life spending my time
Falling deeper in love with you
From being your crush to being your date
From being your date to being your lover
From being your lover to being your wife
I could live,  I could die
Hanging on the word's you say
You are just too perfect for me.

By @Iam_Inioluwa

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