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Becoming a Successful Make-Up artist in Nigeria

Friday, September 29, 2017

 By {Bayo Kazeem}

Amidst the rate of unemployment for several people in Nigeria, people still struggle to make a living. One out of many ways is to become a Make-Up artist in Nigeria. As weird as it might sound, the art of Making up is not restricted to any gender as even guys are becoming professionals in this line of work.
The problem affecting many people in this type of job is their lack of preparation. You can’t start a business without having a plan on ground and expect to yield profit at the end of the day. No one wants to start a business without becoming successful since you started with huge or little capital.


In Nigeria today, we have a very large percentage of Make-Up artists. Now the question is, are they really successful?  Are they making profits? Is their business booming? Before you answer those questions, have it at the back of your mind that becoming a successful Make-Up artist is not the easiest career to start but if it is truly your passion, then nothing becomes impossible (Just keep going). Now let us get started.

15 Tips on becoming a Successful Make-Up artist in Nigeria

·       Goal Setting
It is of utmost importance that you set your goals and what you want to achieve for a particular period, either a year or some months (preferably a year). It all depends on you; this also applies to other types of businesses. It is very rare to be successful in any line of work without a vision. Create a vision, no matter how big or out of reach it might look. As a Make-up artist, you should keep this in mind, breaking down your goals into steps so you don’t get stuck in the middle. Also take note of your achievements in the previous year and set a higher goal in the coming year. With this, you can see how far you are progressing and also things you need to do to make things right.

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·       Adequate Capital
We all know generating capital for a business might not be easy. So you might need to source for funds probably by working in a make-up company till you have enough capital to start off on your own.

·       Getting the right kits for work
This is very important as make-up requires a wide range of kits and accessories like lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara etc.

·       Stick to Your Personal Style
One problem disturbing the possibility of becoming a successful make-up artist in Nigeria is the ‘follow-the-crowd’ trend. Even though there are latest trends in your line of work, it is not compulsory to follow the trend. As a make-up artist, you need to find your style, define it, and sticktoit. It makes you more unique than others; note also that what works for others might not work for you. So get familiar with what works for you and stick to your guns.

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·       Mentorship
As a make-up artist, it is necessary but not compulsory to get a mentor. If you have funds, you might even need to pay your mentor. Although, some might not collect money, but paying them makes you more attentive to several techniques and methods you will be thought. Some might find this a little bit hard; you don’t have to, humble yourself and learn. No one knows everything; we learn everyday of our lives, so why not get a mentor if it helps to become successful?

·       Practice
As the old saying goes “Practice makes perfect” but Vince Lombardi believes “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect” which I also follow. One of the ways of becoming a successful make-up artist is to practice perfectly whenever you can. You can practice with volunteers, your friends, read books, watch tutorial videos on how some things are done. Watch them over and over again till you get it right, then you become a pro without even knowing.

·       Branding
Every business requires good branding; get a well-designed logo that defines exactly what you do. Also building a website is good too; it all makes you look serious to potential clients that might come your way. Get official social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube channel where you can share your videos if any. You also need to make sure your branding is professionally done, get good graphics and a website designer. Do not go for cheap ones, so only do this when you have funds. 

·       Learn to take risks
You cannot do anything great without getting out of your comfort zones. You need to step out and take risks as a Make-Up artist. Face your fear even if it does not turn out right. It makes you a better person in the end, and when success comes, the risks you took won’t matter.

·       Build Your Community
As I mentioned earlier, we have so many make-up artists in Nigeria. Learn to build relationships by meeting other make-up artists in your area. Also find people doing same work in other areas. You can get some good ideas from them and that is a plus for you. It is important you do not just copy whatever you might have learnt. Just do it your way andyou’re your results.

·       Be willing to change
As a make-up artist, you should know some things change in your line of business, try to adjust to so you do not get left behind. The tides are changing, the world is evolving, and new techniques come into play. So it is important you make yourself available to get familiar with them. That is progress; that is success coming.

·       Know your worth
Although you might not start off earning huge but you do not undercut yourself. If you are not aware of how to charge your clients, ask people that have stayed long in the game. Do not make the mistake by taking an uneducated guess which can later hurt you.

·       Make mistakes and learn from them: Stay humble, no one is perfect. Learn from your mistakes and always accept constructive criticism, It helps a lot.

·       Always define your level of success
Everyone’s ultimate vision is different and you have to define what is good for you.From the start, construct your life to be what is best for you and always keep your ultimate vision in the forefront of your mind.

·       Always know that there will be setbacks
Life is not a bed of roses, some people will tell you ‘No’. You will look for clients and you won’t see. You will buy tools and materials for your make-up work and you won’t see any one to use them on. You will apply to make-up at a wedding or event but you won’t be called. Yes, it happens, but you cannot be sad, push forward, till you hit your mark and pass it.

·       Put your clients first
Trust me no client wants to know how badly your day was, whether your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, lol. All they want is for you to do a good job for them and get paid. So please leave all your drama at the door and just deliver a good service.

To become a successful make-up artist in Nigeria,you need to have determination, perseverance, and an intense passion.You have to believe that you have something good to offer that is different than anybody else.  Know that nobody owes you anything and you have to be willing to work for it. Know that mistakes happen and you are ready to learn from them. Go the extra mile and do what others aren’t willing or don’t want to do and watch you becoming a professional and a mentor to other people in your field.


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