Tyson Fury's hilarious prediction regarding Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor

When Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather announced that they had finally agreed terms to a fight, there was an outcry from countless members of the boxing fraternity.

Many feel that McGregor has no business getting into the ring with one the most accomplished boxers of all time on his professional boxing debut.

The number of people within the boxing profession calling the bout an absolute mismatch has only grown and grown as we race towards fight night in Las Vegas.
Others feel that McGregor has already got what he wanted, and the fight probably doesn't matter to him as much now that he is guaranteed at least $100 million on Sunday morning, regardless of the result.

The air of the whole thing being somewhat of a sideshow was not helped by the global press tour the two embarked upon to promote the fight, which turned into a circus of expletive laden rants and bizarre dance numbers.

Within boxing circles, very few people, if any, believe the Irishman has any sort of chance of besting Mayweather at the T-Mobile Arena on August 26, even after the decision to use 8oz gloves was made.

Tyson Fury, never shy to share his opinion, might just be part of the team that sees the whole thing as a bit of a farce after giving his prediction for the fight.

"I think Conor will knock him out in the first 35 seconds and I'll call out Hulk Hogan next," said the former heavyweight extremely sarcastically.

Clear to see then that Fury won't be supporting the Irishman on Saturday night then.

However, Conor has not been flustered by the murmuring coming from within the profession and remains supremely confident that he has what it takes to come out on top when the pair finally lay hands on each other.

One thing is clear, the world will be watching!

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