Ologundudu Damilola Esther also known as DammySmiles +2348134448542, A native of Ile Ife,  Osun state, a song composer, who have started singing according to her, since my childhood.. As young as when I was in primary 4, just released this beautiful song YOUR GRACE.

Inspiration behind the song:Your Grace
Thought about so many things that people said to my face that I can never be in life and places I can never reach... But despite all their sayings... I looked at my life and concluded that God's Grace brought me through and that same Grace set me free from all of those thoughts.

Expectations :My expectations on this song is that it will go into the world and that everyone who listens to it will see God in a new way and they will acknowledge that it has only been by the Grace of God they are where they are and majorly..His Grace brought them Salvation and that is why they are set free from sin

    YOUR GRACE -lyrics
It is your Grace that has kept me
Your love set me free
The air that I breathe and my all
They all come from you 
How can I be more grateful for all you have done
It is grace
Oh Lord grace
It is Grace 
Oh Lord, Your Grace 

Chorus: it is your Grace oh Lord 
Your Grace oh Lord 
Your Grace oh Lord that set me free

Verse 2:
You saved my soul I am saved
You  guide me all my life 
Though the devil tries to get me
You still protect me 
How can I be more grateful for all you have done 
It is Grace
Oh Lord grace
It is Grace 
Oh Lord Your Grace
(chorus) 2x

How can I be more grateful for everything you've done 
You took me out of a miry clay 
You placed me on a rock
Call: By Your Grace
Res: Grace
Call: Yes your Grace
Res: Gra--ce
Solo: It is Grace oh Lord Your Grace 

Back to chorus: till fade

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