*Keeping up with the stars* : FACE OF WEST AFRICA 2017


                                                            *Keeping up with the stars*
                                                                       Meet our stars:

1. Benedict Rosemary Isioma is a dynamic young lady who is born and raised in Delta State. Rosemary is a Motivational Speaker, an Actress and a Model. She started her modeling career in the year 2015 and today, she is the 'FACE OF WEST AFRICA 2017'. She is a student of Mass Communication in The Polytechnic Ibadan. Every May 21 speaks about her and she loves cooking.
She can be reached via @benedictrosemary @face_of_west_africa2017

2. Adebowale Adeyanju Eben was born into the family of 10 as the last born and raised in Ilesha, Osun State,  but hails from Oyo town. He is an actor, On-Air Personality , and a Recording Artist. He drives inspiration and passion to do what he does from his late Dad. He is a body of talents, and as an Actor, he has featured in many movie productions,  and individually produced a comedy skit:  'The Chronicles Of DEBO' , which is a comic story about the Character "Debo" played by himself. He currently makes Comic Skits that take rounds on all social media platform.
He also have a couple of tracks to his name 'Iwo Nikan' and 'Story'. He can be reached via @Adebowale_omobutter

The first ten callers get a freebie from our partners and friends.

You can call, tweet at us or send us a DM @trogworldonline.
 Your feedback means alot to us.

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