Movie Trailer : Watch VJ Adams, Frank Donga Amongst other cast in official trailer of ‘THE OAP’ #oapthemovie

In "The OAP” a Quam Balogun film, what was supposed to be a casual day in the life of Olaolu Cole (VJ ADAMS) becomes a living nightmare.
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"The OAP" also stars nollywood veteran Antar Laniyan, Rotimi Salami (AMVCA winner), Frank Donga, Joy Nice and Yewande Lawal.

Synopsis: The movie is inspired by a real live events and follows the story of Olaolu Cole (VJ Adams) a charismatic, suave, and intelligent popular OAP in Lagos who believes he always wants to stand for the truth as he navigates through an epic and extremely intense 24 hours of his life. Olaolu Cole asked a question he found in a magazine (in his late father’s house) on his radio show and got more than he bargained for.
Chief Smith (Antar Laniyan) and Senator Gyan are very rich and insane gamblers. They heard Olaolu over the radio when he asked the question and decided to place a very big bet on it to celebrate Independence Day which made them deployed different tactics in getting the answer before the next day. Sikiru (Frank Donga) and Lilian (Joy Nice), who lives in the ghetto too are searching for the answer, because they want the price money. They went through different struggles to try to get the answer, where they later found love instead.
The film explores the effects media has on people, in different strata of the society. It promotes integrity and good work ethics.
“THE OAP” also included other cast like Adebayo Ogundele, Kennedy Adetayo Kunle, Roseline ‘Liquor rose’ Afije, Elizabeth Fagbemiro, Damilola Olugbode, Julius, Adetutu Salami, Bardia ‘Illrymz’ Olowu, Bilal Olorunsanu.
The OAP also has a compilation of original soundtracks produced by @Kid Konnect and performed by VJ Adams himself featuring Jay Tuki and Ugovinna. The movie was written, produced and directed by Quam Balogun of QS9 Multimedia.
"THE OAP" is coming to the cinema soon.

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