OMENMA Lyrics:
Artist : Sam Happy 

Your love is irreplaceable
Your grace is so bountiful
Your word is so meaningful
With you am so capable

You telling me this, you telling me that, you gisting with me all day
You giving me this, you giving me that so why I no go halla halle
Now Goodness n mercy dey follow
Now I dey lead I no dey follow
No need to worry for tomorrow
And I just wanna say you do good Jesus

Omema eh(omema eh)
Omema Jesus(omema eh)
Abasiayaya ya ya(omema eh)
imara n ma,idi n gozie(omema eh)

You do goodu

No be my work make me popular
Now I no dey seat for regular
I am elegant I am relevant
Na by his grace unsymmetrika

Your love na better love

You too much
All your goodness dey make me dey halla you too much
You too Porsh
Your beauty dey make me dey halla...
Your swagga dey make me dey halla..

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