Comedians are musicians and actors now! 5 Nigerian comedians that changing the face of comedy in Nigeria

In a world of one too many challenges, problems, and bad news, laughter is one of the free things that keep us going. Thanks to our eccentric comedians, getting yourself laughing to tears is not so much of a problem. They painstakingly come up with the sickest jokes and present it on stage and through whatever possible platform they can find, for the benefits of their audiences.
This they do for money, of course – comedy is good business. However, just as growth and evolution is taking place in other businesses and industries, the comedy world isn’t left out at all. When they started, they were regarded as jesters and clowns. Later on, they were widely accepted as comedians, and today, they have gone along to become musicians, actors, and even dancers. Comedy is now being redefined and certain Nigerian entertainers are now taking over.
Here is a rundown of some comedians who are not necessarily performing on stage but make us laugh our socks off.

. Ay
Ayo Makun is a multi-award-winning Nigerian actor, comedian, radio and T.V presenter, actor, writer, director and MC. He is one of the comedians in Nigeria that has given comedy a different face. A Trip to Jamaica, 30 days in Atlanta, and 10 days in Sun City, are just some of the movies he has created. While he still makes us laugh, he barely climbs the stage again. He just does it through his movies instead.
  • Funke Akindele
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Funke Akindele is another comedian that has made us laugh without having to be on stage. While she had never been a stand-up comedian, Funke and her alias/alter ego, ‘Jenifa’, have created such magic in comedy and we are so thankful for it. Thanks to her series that runs on tv stations, we can sit down and watch her from the comfort of our homes and laugh away.
  • Falz
Falz the Bahd Guy is not exactly a comedian, but I bet he has made every one of us laugh at a certain period of time or the other. Through his funny accent, his funny Instagram skits, and even his songs, he does not hesitate to give us a good laugh. It is certainly good that he didn’t follow his career to becoming a lawyer.
  • EmmaOhMyGod
Emmaohmygod is another hilarious individual who has changed the face of comedy as we know it in Nigeria. He is a multi-talented musician, comedian, singer and song writer. From remixing songs to dropping hilarious skits, he carries out his own comedic skills. He has even gone ahead to star in movies
  • Emmanuella
Emmanuella is the little girl that has made us laugh our problems away. Herself and her gang, produce videos on social media and basically just put their hearts into making us laugh. They have gone ahead to run adverts for companies and have even made a lot of money in the process.
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