Big Bolaji is a Nigerian gospel musician,

Question : Let's meet you sir
Big B: My Names are Bolaji Adedotun Olarewaju

Question: What inspired you into singing / worship?
Big B: I guess it's always been a part of me all through growing up ,
Permit me to say it's what am wired to do ( smile)

Question: What were the challenges you faced while growing up?
Big B: Ahhhhh all the challenges of growing up noni ooo , but my childhood memories are great , a lot of work growing up on a poultry farm
but the training of the early days keep me now .

 Question: How did you spend your childhood days?
Big B: Spent early days with family , my Nursery and primary school education was here , my secondary school started here in Nigeria but
proceeded to London to round up that part of my education.

Question: Is their a talent trait in your genealogy?
Big B: Definitely there is , my mother was a broadcaster , had music in her bones and took some acting roles ,

 Question: Do you see yourself as a politician or ??
Big B: NO

 Question: What is your take or view on Christianity and politics
Big B: That's simple if you believe that your heart will still be able to hold on to your Jesus within the political circle sure why not, there's
no rule in the bible that says don't be a politicians you just have to be sure it's what you have been called or wired to do

Question: How do you cope with glamour, fame, female fans and the demands of fatherhood
Big B: I ensure that Jesus is always the CENTRE of all I do, and I play with my wife and kids a lot ooooo a whole lot that keeps my head
correct ( lol)

Question: How do you place ministry viz a viz money or physical profit
Big B: If your ministry is done according to the leading of the Holy Spirit , Teachings and direction then resources will follow , finances are
quite a challenge it will take extra concentration on what you have been sent to do not loose focus.

Question:  What's your drive and motivation
Big B: The joy of fulfillment and the vision of finishing strong and well Pains and struggles
All the ones spelt out in his word , we face but in all we are more than conquerors , there are many things I go through that I can't explain but my thoughts and resolute in all is always that God is a good Good

Question: Biggest surprise ever
Big B: Mmmmmm, not sure oooo many things have surprised me and am sure many will yet surprise me

 Question: hobbies and other talents
Big B: I love cooking and love movies oooo,

Question: philosophies about life
Big B: Jesus is Lord

Question: Awards and recognitions
Big B: Ahhhhhhhh that's a long list oooo but all in all my prayer is to hear those words from the most high God " well done good and faithful servant " that's your mansion, that's the award oooooo

Question: Biggest concern for young talents
Big B: A generation in a lot of hurry, want quick fame , quick wife , quick money, quick way out, quick baby , they just want everything quick

Question: Your mentors and popular artists / musician
Big B: My mentors My elder brother Muyiwa Olarewaju, Panam Percy Paul. Mummy Toun Soetan. Pastor Steve Bamimuye .

Question: If Big B should diversify, what would that be?
Big Big: Would probably be fully into farming and poultry

Question: What other things would you love to try out?
Big Big: Many many things we will talk about them in another interview

Question: Take us in a minute to your house (family; wife and children)
Big B: Am married to a wonderful babe of Zion, we have two nations in our care from God .

Question: What is it that people don't know about you
Big B: I love my private times a lot , no sound , no music , just some good old fashioned chilling .

Question: Advice for young admirers.
Big B: The lord is able to do exceedingly ,abundantly, above all that they dream think or imagine. Don't give up on your dream , it is very
possible .

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