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Thursday, October 13, 2016
Iremide biography

 Full introduction of urself
-My names are Dare-Ilori Oreoluwa David,popularly known as Iremide(church boy),the first and last son of my parents,A brother of two sisters,An English & literary studies student of Ekiti State University,A lover of cars,shoes and chocolates,*winks..urhmm,i guess thats all..*lol
1. When and why did you start music?
-About some 3 years ago,I decided to go into music because my passion for rap,especially,was getting out of,i was getting crazy about it and i really wanted to be heard.
2. Which instruments do you play?
-I play a little of drumset and more of talking drum
3. W

hat was the first tune(s) you learned?
-urhmm,hip hop and RnB
4. Is your family musical?
-lol,i wish they were..
5. Describe your family member's musical interests and abilities.
-My mum loves good music and musical instruments,but she cant play anyone,she has a very high soprano voice anyways,* sisters sing,but just for the fun of it,not professionally
6. Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?
-i admire about 5 musicians because i really do not like it when am being known for just one style alone,I love Lecrae alot,because of his dope and crazy gospel raps,his lifestyle and his ability to pull more than enough crowd when performing..I love Falz,he's well creative and humorous.I love Mike Abdul,he keeps my hope high about bring the street to the church,i hope to work with him some day..Frank Edward,he's just too versatile..I love Chinko Ekun,he's yoruba raps inspire me alot..
7. Which famous musicians have you learned from?
-apart from the ones i mentioned earlier,i've learnt alot from other artistes like,Babatunmise,Tee dreads,BBlend,SOP,Zoko,OlatundunCymbals e.t.c.
8. Who was your first teacher? Other teachers?
 9. Describe your first singing experience .
-meeehn,for me,it wasnt nice,I was damn scared.In my heart,it was like "Lord,only if this cup could pass over me"..but for the audience,they felt it.
10. What are your fondest musical memories?
-i have alot ooo,to mention a few,my performance @ Street credibility with jazzyB,Motif funland All stars talent hunt,One Nation Under God @Bible City Church,Take a step with Mike Obot @Kings touch
11. Were you influenced by old records ?
-Yes,mostly,lecrae's albums(the rehab,gravity and Anomally)
12. Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD's?
-Lecrae,Frank Edward,Mike Abdul,Falz,Chinko Ekun,Bblend,Zoko..favourite group?i dont really have,but there's this dance crew i love so much(The Cymbals)..
13. Have you been in competitions? Any prizes?
-ah!..plenty..i cant even remember some sef..Motif funland allstars talent hunt,i came 2nd position with a 50,000 naira prize,GtCreate rap battle(2nd position),Oriental Ent. Rap battle(1ST position),Free Street Rap Battle(1st) e.t.c.
14. Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?
-Yes,i attend churches,concerts,shows and the really doesnt have to be a gospel thing,my target is "The Street and The unchurched"..
15. Do you play for dances? Step-dancers? Describe the differences.
-Not really ..but i have been on stage with some step-dancers like the testifiers,Vantage Dance crew and Golden steppers..
16. How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
-For me,every mistake is a style.when i make a mistake on stage,i dont wait for it to get so obvious..infact,once i get on stage,i make sure i steal everyone's,even if i make a mistake,they won't notice
17. Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?
-lol*..yes ooo,because you dont have an idea of who the crowd is,they might not be forgiving
18. What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?
-Rehearse very well before the performance,go with the mindset that you are going to murder the stage and steal everyone's heart,face the crowd with confidence,perform to please God,know that once you're with the mic,the crowd is under your,you have it all,just do your thing and leave,dont do too much,aseju ni baba asete..*lol

 19. What's your worst experience ?
First time i performed in my school (Ekiti State University),chai!..i was boring,the crowd was unforgiving,they were just looking at me like,"who's this donkey?"..and after i even dropped the mic,they were still like "has the donkey left?"..meehn,its my worst experience so far,it wasnt nice at all..
 20. How often and for how long do you practice?
-Everyday,even in d bathroom,i play instrumentals and freestyle to them..i dont let any line pass me by,i must write it down..i write raps as if I'm writing my will..
 21. What do you practice - exercises, new tunes, hard tunes, etc.?
-i boost my rap skills,work with other artistes better than i am,i work and get better on hardcore raps and tunes
22. Do you teach music?
-hmmm,not music generally,i just teach many people say its not possible,its a gift from God..well,am glad to tell you that i learned mine,it wasnt part of my God given gifts at all..i started learning when i was in ss1 (about 6years ago),and now its a part of me..practice makes perfection,they say
22. How do you balance your music with other obligations - mate, children, job?
-*lol,oga,i be small boy ooo..i just tall ni..hehe..i never born,i never even marry sef..but my obligation,for now,is my education and probably,other petty business i do(I sell men's shirts)..i try as much as possible not to let any one affect the other,as much as i rehearse alot,i also try as much as possible to be the best academically,and God has really been crowning my effort with good success.

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