FERANMI - KOSENI TO DABIRE

                                        FERANMI JAMES – KOSENI TO DABI RE
Feranmi James is a worshiper, a musical director, a writer and a consultant. He began his career as a kid of 6 in an old Pentecostal. church at Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. 
Singing before the congregation daily, his passion for music grew stronger. He was mentored into professional gospel singing and He has musically directed over 6 choir ministries, written over 35 songs and consulted for 10 churches who today brags of the best choir team in the nation. He is a prime church choir consultant.
He is a mentor to many and a protégé to internationals acts like Mike Word, Diekolola,Nathaniel Bassey etc.
 Feranmi has built capacity to deliver on the biggest stages in the nation today. He is a very sought after worshipper as he brings the whole crowd to tears on their kneels when he leads.
Currently he serves as a Lead Singer  with one of Lagos biggest churches (Harvesters International Christian Center).
His over 10 years into his passion and full time gospel of worship, his collection of written and unrecorded songs themes on Mercy, Faith and the Love of Christ.
Facebook :feran james
Twitter: @feranmijames

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