2014 World Cup Favorites

2014 World Cup Favorites


Brazil has to be one of the favorites for this World Cup. They have won the most titles till date, but the main factor in their favor this time is home advantage. The only other time the tournament was held on their shores, they were runners-up. Spain has as good a chance for 2 very good reasons. They are the defending champions, besides also winning the Euro championships―the only team to achieve this feat. Besides, they are the current number 1 ranked side in the world, and since quite some time, may I add. Germany too are right up there as favorites. They have won 3 World Cups, ranked 2nd, and going by their current form, they look like the team to beat.

Serious Contenders
Italy is one team that can go all the way here. They have won the World Cup 4 times, only second to Brazil, and know what it takes to reach the top. And then there is Argentina, who have won this tournament twice. They are ranked 3rd, and not without reason.

Outside Chance
Netherlands, England, and France are three teams who have the potential to win the most coveted trophy in soccer, but more often than not falter just before the final hurdle. Nevertheless, keep an eye on them too throughout the tournament.

The Dark Horse
No one might give them much of a chance, but Portugal is definitely a dark horse capable of pulling off the unexpected. Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the best footballer in the world, and he will be more than keen to take his team right through the tournament and make champions out of them. In short, they'll be unnoticed at the start, but make their presence felt more and more as the tournament progresses.

Punching Bags
Without naming the rest, let's face it, they hardly stand a chance of winning the World Cup. This does not mean that they will just come and go! Mind you, some are more than capable of beating the best, but only on their day.

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