Thursday, 29 August 2019


9-Year-Old Nigerian Boy Builds Over 30 Mobile Games

Basil created the games using a free coding application called ‘Scratch 2’ which he learnt at a coding boot camp.

At just 9-years-old, Nigerian Basil Okpara is reported to have built more than 30 mobile games.

Like many others his age, Basil loves to play games but his fascination with gaming does not end at playing, his curious mind has led him into coding, leading him to come with dozens of game ideas, ChannelsTV reports.

ChannelsTV reported that Basil "derives great joy and a sense of pride when he plays his own games".

The TV station reported that when the young boy was asked in a recent interview how many games he had developed, the lad "well over 30 games within a short while".

According to the station, Basil created the games using a free coding application called ‘Scratch 2’ which he learnt at a coding boot camp.

The Nigerian prodigy is reported to be working on having his first game on Google Play Store.

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Wednesday, 28 August 2019


Dealing with peer pressure

The social media has not quietened over the FBI’s list of some 80 foreigners, mostly Nigerians, suspected to have committed internet fraud in the United States. The list has been followed by various videos of some of the suspects spending money in a profligate manner.  I personally saw three of such videos – one of a purported baby shower in which the supposed pregnant woman who was seated was surrounded by men spraying so much money that the floor was a carpet of dollars.  The second video had a couple dancing amidst confetti of dollars showered by some men.  The third video, the most bizarre, showed a baby, probably six months old, reclining on a bed with bundles of 100 dollar bills around her.  A male tells the baby in Igbo to ‘march’ on the money as she had ‘entered’ a good life.

Discussing the issue with a friend, she said many of the suspects must have been pushed to evil by peer pressure.  This got me thinking about whether there was a scientific way of dealing with peer pressure and how parents and schools could prepare young people early to resist negative peer pressure.  If children are sensitised about peer pressure early in life from their homes, and the lessons are reinforced in schools, perhaps we would have fewer young people being lured into social vices in the name of conformity.

Having a sense of belonging is big deal to young people and it is important that they learn from home to be content with whatsoever things they have.  It is the adults themselves, parents or others in the family or neighbourhood, who are responsible for teaching these values.  Children should not only learn to be content but respect others for their differences. The differences may be in income, intellect, physical attributes, ethnic, cultural or religious orientation.   I believe if a child learns to respect the uniqueness of others around him compared to who he is, he would appreciate, rather than be jealous of them and lured to bad behaviour.  Parents should start early to teach children not to laugh at others for being awkward, weaker, thinner, fatter, shorter or something different from the social norm.  That way, others would not be pressured into doing things that go against their values.

In school teachers who call pupils names in the classroom for being slower in their work, or unable to answer questions, or shabby, or clumsy, do not also help matters.  The name calling is usually taken outside the classroom situation and exaggerates the way such child is different from others.  It makes it easier for others to gang up against the victim and make him/her vulnerable to doing whatever may make him/her more acceptable.

To cope with peer pressure, a website,, advises young people to be clear about their values – what they hold dear – on which they base their decisions.  If a decision to do something goes against their values, they should learn that it is okay to be different.  However, the site notes that it is not always easy going against what others seem to agree with – in other words, it is not easy saying no.  It advises teenagers to say ‘No’ only when they mean it; and should they be unsure seek time to think about the matter or offer an alternative.  Another website, urges adults to help out young people dealing with peer pressure by counseling them or stepping up to save them if need be.

One story I find instructive about peer pressure was shared by the CEO of Flying Doctors Nigeria, Dr Ola Orekunrin-Brown at the Master class organised for 81 finalists of the InterswitchSPAK 2.0 science quiz and TV show last week. Dr Orekunrin-Brown shared how she longed to be cool and popular during her high school days in the UK, but was just an outsider who others regarded as a nerd in glasses.  It was so bad that she said had no date for her prom despite there being eight more boys in her class than girls.  Now, many years later, she is a successful CEO of a medical emergency transportation company.  Her rejection back then has had no bearing on her success today.  She advised the young people to always stay true to their values and learn think about the future – beyond whatever is giving them pressure.

To wrap it up, I would advise young people to learn to love themselves and develop a sense of humour that can survive even the most ridiculous of situations.  I think it would be easier to survive laughing with and at those laughing at you to the point that it takes the sting out of the situation than crying and giving them the pleasure of causing you pain.   I would also advise young people to use their heads and think beyond the embarrassment of not doing a dare.  Trying to fulfil a dare has led many to their deaths.  It is simply not worth it.

• Dealing with peer pressure
by Kofoworola Belo-Osagie  

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Saturday, 24 August 2019


Health: 7 Foods That Make You Age Faster

Lots of factors play into how fast you age, and how obviously that aging shows up on your skin. Genetics may be the greatest of these, but there are plenty of things that you can control when it comes to aging. Smoking, sun exposure, and especially diet make a huge difference.

We all want to look good, but when you feel good, it also shows on your face. Premature aging can not only cause aches and pains, it can also leave your body open for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Even though we never want to look old, most of us really want the chance to grow old.

Taking charge of your diet now can help you stay young on the inside and the outside! It is probably no surprise that healthy eating includes lots of fruits and vegetables coupled with reasonable portions of lean meat. To help you get a handle on what it is important to avoid, we have collected seven foods that will take you in the wrong direction. Cut these out of your diet to rock a healthy body now and long into the future.

1. Margarine

Butter got a really bad reputation some years ago due to its saturated fat content. Margarine was supposed to be the answer that would let us enjoy buttery flavor without the fat. Unfortunately, margarine is actually quite a bit worse for your body.

Margarine is packed with trans fats that raise your risk of chronic disease. It also messes with the hydration level of your body. Chronic dehydration is a prime driver of wrinkles, definitely an unwanted consequence. Margarine additionally contains a high level of omega-6 fatty acids. While your body needs some of these, it’s easy to get too many, and that tends to create inflammation.

2. Convenience Foods

We get it: life is busy. Cooking fresh meals every day can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Many microwave meals and packaged dishes that make mealtime easier are actually hiding a decidedly unhealthy secret – salt, and lots of it.

Many of us get too much salt in our diets. It is actually really easy to do when we rely on convenience foods or fast food meals. Sodium can cause water retention and make you look and feel bloated and puffy. If healthy cooking really doesn’t fit into your schedule, explore a healthy meal delivery service instead.

3. Energy Drinks

If you feel like you need energy drinks to power through your day, get your butt to bed earlier each night! Improving your sleep hygiene can do a lot to help you feel and look younger, but energy drinks do just the opposite. They are high in sugar, caffeine, sodium, and acid. That deadly combo will damage and stain your teeth as well as contribute to dehydration.

Right now you are probably shaking your head and thinking that you simply can’t get more sleep with the responsibilities on your plate. But consider the fact that a chronic shortage of sleep makes you a lot less capable and efficient in your daily tasks. It can be hard to draw the line and say, “I’m done for the day; I need to rest.” But when you do, you’ll find that everything you have to do the next day gets done a lot faster.

4. Sugary Treats

Sugar is probably public enemy #1 when it comes to premature aging. It is packed into all sorts of foods at simply unconscionable levels, so we are eating it all day long even when the food itself isn’t a dessert. It’s a huge problem, because sugar is the biggest driver of obesity and inflammation, not to mention tooth decay.

Eating too much sugar sets up a perfect environment in your body for chronic disease. Not only does it contribute to the development of diabetes, but sugar is the favorite fuel of cancer cells. We encourage you to read labels carefully for anything you’re considering buying at the store. And sadly, cutting out sweet treats like baked goods, candy, and sodas is crucial if you want to maintain your youthful appearance.

5. High Glycemic Index Carbs

Breads and pastas made with refined white flour are high on the glycemic index, meaning that they spike your blood sugar really quickly. That sets you up for a high and a crash, a cycle that can definitely show on your face. Refined carbs have been proven to accelerate the skin’s aging and cause blemishes like acne and rosacea.

Instead, eat whole wheat products. They fill you up better than the refined stuff, plus they can lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of chronic illnesses including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Another option is to get really creative and eat pasta made with beans and bread based on ground flaxseeds.

6. Alcohol

Ok, don’t panic! We are not saying that you need to give up alcohol all together. Drinking to excess is the problem when it comes to premature aging. Getting absolutely blasted tends to cause free radical damage throughout your body, especially if those drinks are high in sugar. Alcohol also strips the body of vitamin A, which is crucial to the process of cell renewal and turnover.

So by all means, have a glass or two with your pals. But steer clear of those that contain a lot of sugar (think mixers like juice or soda) in favor of wine, champagne, or mixed drinks with soda water and lime. It’s also smart to alternate each alcoholic beverage with water to keep your hydration levels up.

7. Preserved Meats

The latest research around preserved meats says that the nitrates and nitrites used for preservation put your body at risk for cancer. That’s because they create free radicals that lead to oxidation damage of cells and your very DNA. Enough free radical damage sets up an environment ripe for cancer or other chronic disease, plus it really ages your skin.

So skip the bacon, hot dogs, and sausages in favor of vegetarian versions or else lean, organic meat over processed forms. Yeah, this one’s going to hurt. But in the end, the cleanest and most minimally processed foods are always going to be the ones that support your youthful appearance and attitude.


Slowing down the aging process is something that we all want to do. Marketers and cosmetics companies know this full well and that’s why the market is flooded with products advertised to sweep decades of wear and tear off of your body. Unfortunately, it is not as easy and simply buying a product and slathering it on your skin. But – it is doable with the right diet.

Avoid the seven foods on this list to ensure the kind of health that comes from the inside out. Trust us, it will show through!

(Culled From

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Friday, 23 August 2019


EVENT : You Are Beautiful 2019 ; Strength In Wisdom

You are beautiful' is a program powered by an NGO... 

It's a dream God placed in the heart of Olusewasimilara Oluyemi 5years ago... 

A dream to see ladies(teenage and young) gather to learn from the success and mistakes of other women who have overcome and are now successful in their fields... 

That being said I heard these words specifically for this year's edition. "I am calling women in their own right;
Women like Deborah to take their place in this end time.. 

The world has moved to a place of untruth but I'm calling these women to raise kings and queens .. 

To stand and be women indeed in their own right!" I don't think you want to miss this year's edition if you're a young lady and can make it to Ibadan or live in Ibadan.


{Guest Speakers} :
Pastor Femi Aladesanmi 
Pastor Ronke Olutayo 
Mrs Adeife Abiodun-Adeyemi
Mrs Iyinoluwa Ondure

• Venue : Banquet Hall, Jogor Centre, Liberty Road, Ibadan, Nigeria.

• Date : 7th September 2019

• Time: 10am

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019



There is more than enough power in a child of God to command exploits. Our adversaries know this also. So, they veiled our eyes from seeing and knowing how powerful we are by beclouding our vision with challenges and troubles of this world. 

Believe me when I say, "what you hear and sing every day has a lasting effect on your breakthrough."

OJO IRE MI is God's idea in Music-form to liberate you from negativity. Make it your everyday song and you can be sure of unending testimonies and evident breakthroughs.

I am a living and viable testimony already through this song. Glory to God.

OJO IRE MI is an anti-negativity song, powerful enough to eject every error and wrong words pronounced on you by external forces or yourself. 

OJO IRE MI song can't be lesser than God's delivery on Earth to invoke strong awareness of your personality in Christ Jesus. It's your turn and time to testify. 

Go ahead and listen to this song on a daily basis and you can be sure of a great shift in your destiny.

Life is in phases while men are in sizes so they say. You can determine the level of your exploits in Christ Jesus through Grace seasoned into this song "OJO IRE MI". 

Consciously listen to it daily. I'm too sure... you'll deliver your miracles.

Give me a song to fire my bones for I'm tired of stagnation.

OJO IRE MI...what an inspiration from above...

You can't be wrong listening to it prayerfully. Light will shine on you automatically.


Listen And Download below:

LYRICS: OJO IRE MI by TopeAbiodun Omoatobijuh

(Ire ire ire ire ire ire nitemi o)
(Ojo ire mi Loni)

Oni lojo Ire temi
Oni lojo Ire temi
Ase gege bi mo ti wi
Oni lojo Ire temi
Oni lojo Ire temi
Momo komani dola

(Oni gangan o)

Oni lojo ire mi
(Odami loju o)
Oni lojo ire temi
(Ase o)
Ase gegebi motiwi
(Oro Oluwani koni salaise o)
Oni lojo ire temi
(Ojo de ojo n fohun)
Oni lojo ire temi
Momo komani dola

Agbara nbe ninu oro
Whatever I say will come to pass
Because I know
Agbara Aseda wa ninu mi
Ohun ti mofe ni mo toro o
Koni sanmi s’owo
Ko sanmi s'ola o
L'oruko Oluwa

(Oni gbohun mi)
(Ire owo ire Omo o)
(Mabo lodo mi o)
(Oni masai gbohun mi)
(L’oruko Jesu)
(L’oruko Jesu)

Agbara nbe ninu oro
Whatever I say will come to pass
Because I know
Agbara Aseda wa ninu mi
Ohun ti mofe ni mo toro o
Koni sanmi s’owo
Ko sanmi s'ola o
L'oruko Oluwa
(Oni gbohun mi s'ase)

Oni lojo ire temi
(L’oruko Jesu Oba)
Oni lojo ire temi
(ase o)
Ase gegebi motiwi
(Bimotiwi lomari ooo)
Oni lojo ire temi
(Odamiloju, odamiloju)
Oni lojo ire temi
Momo komani dola

Angeli to ngbe ire mi
Sare tete wa bami nile
Sare tete komi lona
Momi reti re
Ilekun ola kosi
K'idunnu kobami kale
Ohun ti mofe nimo toro ooo
Baba mo bebe

Angeli to ngbe ire mi
Sare tete wa bami nile
Sare komi Lona
Momi reti re
Ilekun ola mi kosi
K'idunnu kobami kale
Ohun ti mofe nimo toro
Ni motoro o
Baba mo bebe

Oni (Loni o) Loni
(Ase o) Ase bimotiwi
Oni (awon orun nsoro ogo Olorun) Loni
(Ofurufu si n f'ise Re han) Ase (Ojo de ojo nfohun) bimotiwi (oru de oru nfimo Re han)

Oni (won ko fo ede kankan) (won kosi so oro kankan) Loni (beeni akogbo ohun won)
Ase (sibe iro won la gbogbo aye ja) bimotiwi (Oro won si de opin aye o)

Ase (ire owo, ire omo) bimotiwi (mabo lodo mi o)

Ase (Aiku baale Oro) bimotiwi

(Bimotiwi lomari ooo) Ase (ooo) bimotiwi
(Bimotiwi lomari ooo) Ase (ooo) bimotiwi
(L’oruko Jesu l’oruko Jesu o) Ase
(L’oruko Jesu l’oruko Jesu o) bimotiwi
(L’oruko Jesu l’oruko Jesu o) Ase
(L’oruko Jesu l’oruko Jesu o)  bimotiwi
(Bimotiwi lomari ooo) Ase bimotiwi
Ase (Oro Oluwa koni saise) bimotiwi (Oro Oluwa koni tase o)
Ase (Ase asebe) bimotiwi
Oni Loni
Ase bimotiwi

Ase bimotiwi

Tope Abiodun Omoatobijuh

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Thursday, 8 August 2019


5 tips for parents to build communication skills with children with autism spectrum disorder

Knowing the right strategies can help parents of children with autism spectrum disorder boost their children’s communication skills. College of Education & Human Development, Texas A&M University
We are researchers who coach parents to communicate with children with disabilities.

Here are five strategies families can use to help children with autism spectrum disorder build their communication skills, along with examples of how to use them.

Autism affects an estimated 1 in 59 children nationwide.

1. Motivate the child to communicate

Create opportunities for your child to practice communication skills. Show your child one of their favorite items and encourage your child to ask for it. Children are more likely to be engaged and communicate when activities are based on their interests. Compliment your child when they communicate. For instance, say “that’s a good question!” or “good job asking me for help!”

Delicia, whose 3-year-old child, Pacho, has minimal verbal skills, motivates her child to speak by placing a cookie in a jar. Pacho can see the cookie but he cannot get it by himself. He has to ask for it. After Delicia teaches him how to ask for it, she will give him the cookie and praise him by saying “Good job telling me.”

2. Model communication skills

Model communication skills by speaking, using gestures and facial expressions. Your child will imitate them. While modeling, sit near your child and respond to the child’s imitation with praise for using the new skill.

Pacho cannot open the cookie jar, so he hands the jar to Delicia. Delicia models by saying “Cookies, please” or “Open, please.”

For children with autism spectrum disorder with nonverbal communication or who have complex communication needs, consider using a tool, called an augmentative and alternative communication device, to supplement their speech.

This kind of communication can be low-tech, such as exchanging pictures to communicate. Or, it can be as high-tech as a communication app on a tablet.

Archie, a 10-year-old with autism spectrum disorder who cannot yet speak, screams when asked to eat vegetables. His father places the vegetables on his dish and his mother models pressing an icon on an app to say, “No, thank you,” and waiting for his response. The mother also says “No, thank you” to give him a verbal model and waits for his response.

3. Prompt the child to use new communication skills

Prompt new communication skills by using verbal, visual or physical guidance.

Fabiana, Archie’s mom, physically prompts him to use the communication device by holding his hand to press the “No, thank you” icon on his app. Then, Fabiana takes away the vegetables and immediately offers something he likes.

4. Allow the child to communicate independently

Slowly remove the prompts so children don’t become dependent on them. You can do this by waiting one or two seconds before using a prompt in order to give the child an opportunity to communicate independently.

After Pacho requests cookies several times, Delicia waits for one second before using modeling or prompting strategies. Delicia will periodically increase the time delay by one or two seconds until finding a delay that encourages independent responding.

Archie says “No, thank you,” with the app when Fabiana prompts him, so she starts waiting for one second before using modeling or prompting. Fabiana will increase the time delay by one or two seconds each day.

5. Expand and generalize to other people, settings and activities

Using modeling and prompting strategies to add new words to phrases the children have already mastered.

When Pacho can independently asks for cookies by saying “Cookies, please” several times, Delicia teaches him a new word by adding “Want cookies, please.”

When Archie can independently use the communication app to say “No, thank you,” several times, Fabiana teaches him a new word by adding “No carrot, thank you.”

Use these strategies during your children’s everyday activities, such as brushing their teeth, having lunch, going to the park or riding in a car.

It is essential to use these strategies with different people and in different settings consistently over time.

- Sanikan Wattanawongwan, J. B. Ganz, Texas A&M University

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Wednesday, 7 August 2019



If you are a music minister, you are a minister of the gospel in songs
Music ministers are people who are appointed by God to serve
A music minister is someone who serves in Word and Spirit, using sound, rythme and harmony.


• In music ministry, service is the mentality; in music industry, celebrity is the mentality
Can you evaluate yourself now?
• In music ministry, it is about Jesus and pleasing Him; in music industry, it is about the artist and pleasing the fans. 

- When God wants to change your life, He puts you under a covering . The way you are behaving as a music minister (going to and fro) is because you don't have an encounter
- When you are called to minister, you are called to minister first unto the Lord, and then unto men
- The blood that purchased me was free of charge, so I (Nathaniel Bassey) minister free of charge
- The moment I place a charge for my ministry, I exclude some people. Those who can't meet up will find someone else
So therefore, I prioritize ministry over "moneystry"
- If you are minding the envelope, you will not develop. There are dimensions God cannot use you if Mammon is controlling you.

@International Music Ministers Conference (Glory Dome)

© Nathaniel Bassey 

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Sunday, 4 August 2019



Kidney Transplant!!

Omobowale Opeyemi Bright a young gospel artiste who is battling kidney failure is presently in need of your support. He needs 8million for his surgery. @yemibrytsings

God rewards every good deeds!!

No Amount is too Small. 

Kindly Support and Make your donation to this account: 
Sterling Bank
Omobowale Opeyemi Bright . 

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Thursday, 1 August 2019


{NEW MUSIC} Buchi Praise - Okunrin Ogun


I was deeply lost and helpless. The battles of life became overwhelming. No one I'd called was able to deliver me because they also needed a deliverer. Just then the man of war stepped in


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{NEW MUSIC} ADURA by Damie J [Produced by Ppiano @distinctmusicproductions]

Damilola Jolaade popularly known as *Damie.J* is a fast rising gospel artiste who hails from akure, Ondo state.

A Graduate of Dramatic Arts of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

She was born into the family of Late Prince and deaconess Jolaade.

She started singing at a very tender age with her siblings who are also singers and instrumentalists.

She is a chorister in Trem south-West zone2 h/q, akure.

She has been featured in so many songs.

Damie.J is the vice president of Da Anointed crew under the mentorship of Yamaha Ambassador and Award winning producer, Ambassador Wole Oni.

The song *ADURA* came through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
It talks about our God who answers us whenever we pray and calls.
It talks about his sovereignty, awesomeness, and his power.

This song *ADURA* is her debut single and it was beautifully Arranged and Produced by Award Winning Producer, Ppiano for Distinct Music Productions.

Download, listen and rebroadcast.

God bless you.


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