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There is no doubt that Frank Edwards is not around to play in 2017. Just after the release of two tracks, the Rocktown President, as promised is out with a new song titled ‘On My Way’ which features Tim Godfrey. Where is Frank Edwards and Tim Godfrey on their way to? 

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017



Season 4 of the Spelling Bee Nigeria is here .....

Zainab Olawale, Onyinyechi Ohuabunwa and Ruth Ejims, the
past 3 Winners of the national competition!!! 

Our first mentions: not surprisingly will be our own team of
young talented heroines: all the past three national spelling bee
champions in Nigeria, who coincidentally are all female.
These young women are bold, smart, creative, talented, and
were never intimidated by their fellow contestants, the judges, or
the crowd, they had their eyes set on the prize and they made it
On the left is the first edition champion of the National Spelling
Bee in Nigeria : Miss Zainab Olawale, from Unity Middle School,
The top-right picture is Miss Onyinyechi Ohuabunwa of
spelling Bee champion in Nigeria.
On the bottom-right is Miss Ruth Ejims of Shalom College,
Portharcourt, Rivers State. the season 3 National spelling Bee

Goals of the competition:
The goal of the Nigeria Spelling Bee Competition
is to bring out the best in every Nigerian student
by rewarding the winners with amazing prizes and
scholarships while also making the runners-up
study harder.
Participants will be asked to spell words from the
English, and selected words from Yoruba, Hausa
and Igbo languages.
Nigeria Spelling Bee Competition is all about
bringing the best out of Nigeria and showing the
world our Nigerian spelling prowess.

The Bee
1 st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up Other Great Prizes
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The Nigeria Spelling Bee is a Multilingual spelling
bee competition where spellers are drawn from
every state in Nigeria to spell words from the
English, Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo languages.
The Competition shall start from the State level.
The indigenous languages words will not be used
for elimination at the state level.
(No speller will be given undue advantage)
Winners from the state level will be brought up to
the Regional Level where they will contest to be
participants in the National level (Grand Finale).
The competition at all stages will be aired on
National television.
The organizers of the Nigeria Spelling Bee will be
responsible for both Transportation, Feeding and
Accommodation of all the Spellers and their
Coaches / Teachers at the National Level (Grand
Upon registration, Spellers will be regularly
informed about competition dates, time and venue
in their state via their phone numbers and email.
1. There should be no cheating of any kind.
2. Spellers can not change any letter from the
word after they have pronounced the letter.
3. The Speller can ask the judges to define the
Word, state the Word’s language origin or use
the Word in a sentence when the speller
cannot understand the word he is asked to
4. Once a word is given to the Speller by a judge,
the word cannot be changed.
5. For the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo words used in
the competition, the Spellers are strongly
advised to download and print them to study
after submitting the e-Registration form.
6. For the English words, Spellers are advised to
study The Oxford Advanced Learner’s
Dictionary as it will be used as the final
authority for verification of spellings.
7. A speller can only be the National Champion
8. If a Speller is found wanting of any
competition rule, the Head Judge shall
disqualify the Speller.
9. Spellers shall start competing from the State
level through to the Regional / Zonal level to
the National level (Grand Finale).
10. The Organizers of the Competition will not be
responsible for any expenses for the Spellers
at the State level.
11. Top Winners at the State Level Competition
will participate in the Regional / Zonal Level
12. Top Winners at the State Level Competition
will be informed of the state of the Regional /
Zonal Competition.
13. At the Regional / Zonal Level Competition, the
Organizers of the Competition will be
responsible for only the transportation fare of
the Spellers.
14. Top Winners at the Regional / Zonal Level
Competition will participate at the National
Final (Grand Finale) which will be aired live on
at least one National television station.
15. Top Winners at the Regional / Zonal Level
Competition will be informed of the State
where the National Final (Grand Finale) will be
16. The organizers of the Nigeria Spelling Bee will
be responsible for both Transportation,
Feeding and Accommodation of all the
Spellers and their Coaches / Teachers at the
National Level (Grand Finale).
17. The organizers of the Competition will not
conduct the Competition in any State that has
less than 500 registered Spellers – Such a
state will be merged with a neighboring state.

For inquiry, call: 08032478894

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There is an ongoing fight between the Hausas and
Yorubas at Sabo market of Ile-Ife, Osun state.
The clash reportedly started when a bus used his
side mirror to hit an Hausa woman at sabo last
Hausas and Yorubas clash at ile-Ife, Osun state
The Hausa men at Sabo market got angry and
injured the driver with cutlass. By this morning,
the National Union of Road Transport Workers
(NURTW) boys retaliated and right now about five
people are said to have been killed and others
injured in the ongoing fight.
Hausas and Yorubas clash at ile-Ife, Osun state
Gunshots are being heard while some shops have
been set ablaze and residents have deserted both
Sabo and Lagere, Ile-Ife, in bid to escape the clash.
Hausas and Yorubas clash at ile-Ife, Osun state
Police and army personnel have been discharged to
the area.
More details will be passed later.

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017



Big Bolaji is a Nigerian gospel musician,

Question : Let's meet you sir
Big B: My Names are Bolaji Adedotun Olarewaju

Question: What inspired you into singing / worship?
Big B: I guess it's always been a part of me all through growing up ,
Permit me to say it's what am wired to do ( smile)

Question: What were the challenges you faced while growing up?
Big B: Ahhhhh all the challenges of growing up noni ooo , but my childhood memories are great , a lot of work growing up on a poultry farm
but the training of the early days keep me now .

 Question: How did you spend your childhood days?
Big B: Spent early days with family , my Nursery and primary school education was here , my secondary school started here in Nigeria but
proceeded to London to round up that part of my education.

Question: Is their a talent trait in your genealogy?
Big B: Definitely there is , my mother was a broadcaster , had music in her bones and took some acting roles ,

 Question: Do you see yourself as a politician or ??
Big B: NO

 Question: What is your take or view on Christianity and politics
Big B: That's simple if you believe that your heart will still be able to hold on to your Jesus within the political circle sure why not, there's
no rule in the bible that says don't be a politicians you just have to be sure it's what you have been called or wired to do

Question: How do you cope with glamour, fame, female fans and the demands of fatherhood
Big B: I ensure that Jesus is always the CENTRE of all I do, and I play with my wife and kids a lot ooooo a whole lot that keeps my head
correct ( lol)

Question: How do you place ministry viz a viz money or physical profit
Big B: If your ministry is done according to the leading of the Holy Spirit , Teachings and direction then resources will follow , finances are
quite a challenge it will take extra concentration on what you have been sent to do not loose focus.

Question:  What's your drive and motivation
Big B: The joy of fulfillment and the vision of finishing strong and well Pains and struggles
All the ones spelt out in his word , we face but in all we are more than conquerors , there are many things I go through that I can't explain but my thoughts and resolute in all is always that God is a good Good

Question: Biggest surprise ever
Big B: Mmmmmm, not sure oooo many things have surprised me and am sure many will yet surprise me

 Question: hobbies and other talents
Big B: I love cooking and love movies oooo,

Question: philosophies about life
Big B: Jesus is Lord

Question: Awards and recognitions
Big B: Ahhhhhhhh that's a long list oooo but all in all my prayer is to hear those words from the most high God " well done good and faithful servant " that's your mansion, that's the award oooooo

Question: Biggest concern for young talents
Big B: A generation in a lot of hurry, want quick fame , quick wife , quick money, quick way out, quick baby , they just want everything quick

Question: Your mentors and popular artists / musician
Big B: My mentors My elder brother Muyiwa Olarewaju, Panam Percy Paul. Mummy Toun Soetan. Pastor Steve Bamimuye .

Question: If Big B should diversify, what would that be?
Big Big: Would probably be fully into farming and poultry

Question: What other things would you love to try out?
Big Big: Many many things we will talk about them in another interview

Question: Take us in a minute to your house (family; wife and children)
Big B: Am married to a wonderful babe of Zion, we have two nations in our care from God .

Question: What is it that people don't know about you
Big B: I love my private times a lot , no sound , no music , just some good old fashioned chilling .

Question: Advice for young admirers.
Big B: The lord is able to do exceedingly ,abundantly, above all that they dream think or imagine. Don't give up on your dream , it is very
possible .

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Sunday, 5 March 2017



#AMVCA 2017 

 The awards ceremony took place on Saturday in EKO Hotel & Suites, Lagos. 

Historical movie “76”, has won five categories out of its fourteen nominations,at the fifth edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA). “76” was closely followed by Oloibiri which won three categories while Vaya won two awards. Sambasa Nzeribe, star of the movie “Slow Country,” edged Olu Jacobs, Ramsey Nouah and Richard Mofe-Damijo to win best actor in Africa. 

Here are the winners at the AMVC Award night: 

»Trailblazer Award :Somkele Idhalama 
»Best Make Up Artiste (Movies/TV series) Oloibiri – Hakeem Onilogbo Ajibola, Perekeme Odon 
»Best Costume Designer 76 – Pat Egwurube 
»Best Art Director 76 – Pat Nebo 
»Best Sound Editor (Movies/TV series) Vaya Best 
»Picture Editor (Movie/TV series) Oloibiri – Nnodim Chigozie, Paula Peterson 
»Best Lighthing Designer (Movies/TV series) 93 Days – Elliot Sewape Best Cinematographer -Happiness is a Four Letter Word – Lance Gewer 
»Best Documentary Alison 
»Best Short Film or Online Video- Cat Face 
»Best Actress in an M-Net original comedy series -Deborah Anugwa – Hustle 
»Best Actor in an M-Net comedy series Samuel Ajibola – “The Johnsons” 
»Best Actress in an M-Net original drama series Meg Otanwa – “Hush”
»Best Actor in an M-Net original drama series David Jones David – “Hotel Majestic” 
»Best M-Net original comedy series The Johnsons 
»Best M-Net original drama series Tinsel 
»Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Swahili) Zilizala 
»Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Hausa) Yaki Da Zuciya 
»Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Yoruba) Somwhere in The Dark – Abiodun Jimoh, Jumoke Odetola 
»Best Indigenous Language TV series/movies (Igbo) Amoye-Bu-Onye 
»Best Soundtrack/ Original Score The Encounter – Michael ‘The Truth’ Ogunlade 
»Best TV series Jenifa’s Diary 
»Best Writer Vaya 
»Best Supporting Actress Ebele Okaro – Four One Love 
»Best Supporting Actor In A Drama (Movie/TV series) Rotimi Salami – Just Not Married 
»Best Actor in a Comedy Imeh Umoh Bishop – The Boss is Mine 
»Best Actress In Comedy Funke Akindele 
»Best Movie East Africa Kati Kati Best Movie West Africa Oloibiri 
»Best Movie South Africa All About Love 
»Best Actress in a Drama (Movies/TV Series) Rita Dominic – 76 
»Best Actor in a Drama Sambasa Nzeribe – Slow Country 
»Best Overall Movie 76 Naomba Niseme 
»Best Director 76 – Izu Ojukwu

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Saturday, 4 March 2017



You have blessed so many lives through your faithful
ministry; may you be blessed greatly in return on this
special day.

The mantle of evangelism of the Gospel ministry handed over to her by her mother Legendary Dr Bola Are, is a big task, but Yetunde Are has strived hard to keep the pace between her own ministry and her mother’s personality.

                                                     (Just in) : WE PRAY FOR NIGERIA

The Gospel industry in Nigeria has taken a new shape in recent time with the creativity quota added by Yetunde Are.

Can We Meet You

My name is Yetunde Are, a gospel singer and by the special grace of God, I have been doing music for over two decades, and i bless God for his faithfulness over me.

Your Background

I was born into a music family, my mother is evangelist Dr Bola Are, my father is late, now over 20 years ago and through the help of God and because of the music foundation that I have, I am doing great in music but from an angle that is different from my mums.

Educational Background

I went to Omolewa Nursery & Primary, Oritamefa Ibadan, and then I went to St Annes Secondary School, Molete Ibadan. I had my National Diploma at Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State and l also had my BSC in Business Administration at Ambrose Ali University and to be continued.

What is Your Experience in Your Childhood Days?

All I know in my growing days, is that I have this juvenile quiet experience and my mum didn’t want me to sing due to her own personal bad experiences but later she finally allowed me to pursue my own dream. After reaching an agreement with her, I just had to balance my academics with my music career.

As a Business Administrator by Profession: What are Your Challenges going back into Music?

I have never had any experience working in a firm with my business administration certificate.

How and when did you start doing Music?

Have been doing music since my childhood days at age of 8 and was later ordained, but this year will be my 20 years in the game.

What are Challenges you face in Your Musical Career

Hmm, there are several challenges l have encountered over the years; the first one I encountered is the issue of honorarium which I didn’t know about. I can vividly remember my first ministration, after finishing the ministration, the pastor called me into his office and said ” Thank You Ma ” and I told my band members which they agreed with, but after the third ministration, they started complaining gradually but l was able to deal with the issue by Gods grace.

The second challenge is the issue of financial resources for my project such as Albums and Concerts. There is this interesting scenario when people started calling and mailing me that they have grown tired of my album, which implies that they want me to release another album.

Such experience makes me to understand my calling. There was a time I had to reach out to one of my colleagues Gbenga Adenuga, to seek his own view, He said Yetunde, there are some times that he would go for ministrations and they will give him honourarum will be nothing to write home about and also the issue of instrumentalists going for the highest bidder. But with time all those things are actually built to make you stronger and also give you opportunity to move forward.

Any improvement in Gospel music in Nigeria?

The gospel world in Nigeria has really improved over the years, lets first take it from the angle of Lagos, which has the dominance factor.

Lets forget about the musician now, the church choir have also improved a lot which is different from my mother’s era, when everything was difficult and there was no encouragement from any anybody, she even told a scenario where rain destroyed all their equipments .

Is Gospel Music Profitable Business?

Yes…….. Gospel music is a profitable business for anybody to go into, but you’re to first take it as ministry which is like you’re sowing seed without even thinking of making money from it at the beginning. The more effort you put into it and your consistency also will germinate for you at the long run.

Just for me as an example, sometimes I don’t collect money, while sometimes I do charge for my ministration. Most upcoming act believes that the voice is only meant for you to succeed, they don’t know there are ups and down in the journey.

Let me share a scenario , I was invited for a ministration sometimes ago, on our way the suddenly developed a fault on the highway where nobody was ready to help, well some people thought we were thieves, but with the intervention of God, we got to the place. After finishing my ministration, the pastor remember us through our band outfit; because he also passed through that highway on his way to ministration; guess what, he had to double my charges fee that day.

In short my advice to upcoming act is to stay focused and continuing learning every day in other to craft there own niche in this overcrowded industry.

What must be done to restructure the gospel music system in Nigeria?

Firstly, we will need to work hard more on our production, I won’t say that people should learn from the secular, but sometimes we need to listen to the secular artistes based on how they win more people to their music, while we gospel folks are not winning to themselves.

So by the wisdom and knowledge God has giving us, I believe we can do better, because there is no mediocrity in the kingdom of God. Imagine that God want you to represent him at the White House as a singer that means you’re the best, it doesn’t mean that it’s just the anointing but it is the combination of the anointing, the skills and the efficiency as well.

We need to sharpen our skills, while also our appearance matters most, because in recent days people cannot differentiate between the gospel musician and the secular world.

Some people go to the extent of revealing their cleavage while they are performing which is not good, because I don’t know the kind of message we are passing to the congregation while men also should appear in decent manner that will pass the right message to people.

Your view on Gospel Singers collaborating with Secular Artists

I don’t buy the idea of gospel singer’s collaboration with the secular artistes, but based on my own background and the kind of fan base l have built and also watching me over the years, from CAC to Redeem and now Pentecostal church.

In short I can’t disappoint God, and also disappoint myself that is why I can’t sing with secular singer for now, some people might say we are singing Gods song, but check their mind very well and you will discover it’s for business purpose.

In future can you collaborate with Secular Singer, so that it won’t Surprise your Fans

Let me start with my experience when I had my first video, which is ‘’ Shekinah Praise ‘’,am talking of Yetunde Are coming from a background of Bola Are, people were placing my standard with my mum.

I made a big mistake then putting my PA’s number on that video, people started calling me and also giving me several names such as you’re a Jezebel, you’re this and that, all those things just frustrated me until someone just called me and said what is your name?, l said Yetunde Are and what is the name of your mother (Bola Are), so you have 2 different generation you ministry to.

Sometimes you have to put some things into consideration, because they will go further by quoting the Bible that what as Light got to do with Darkness, but for me it has to be moral songs, in that context, we can do something together and also the personality of that person is the most important thing for me.

We even have some church where all these secular musician worship, but they are still Christians, but they do it for their own business.

But Bible says Go Ye into the World and Make Disciples

Yes my bible say so, but my bible further says be not conformed but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. You’re in the world, but not of this world. While the evangelism part is not about giving out tracts anymore, according to my research of giving out tracts, I discovered that they smile at me and collect it but they later drop it at your back.

If it is in terms of secular musicians, I like the style of Aunty Tope Alabi, she sings gospel songs and also sings moral song as well, but she let people understand that moral songs is part of her business, while same thing goes for Sola Allyson, because she talks about culture, sometimes she sings about God, some times she sings about morals and she sings in church and have not seen her do any collabo with secular artists.

I still stand on it, I can sing morals with people that I know that though they are doing secular they are Christians, but their lifestyle must be eternally different from secular world.

What have really contributed Mostly to your Ministry for the Past 20 Years?

I rehearse and I pray and mostly I learn from people. I don’t use my 20 years career to judge my learning ability. I acquire more knowledge from different people, because people say it is a shame on me that I have more practical knowledge of music over the theory aspect.

My obedience to God most times help me, because there are some times I could have detailed what songs to perform, but I will hear God whispering to me to sing another song over the ones I have planned for, sometimes if I don’t sing that song someone might sing the song before the programme ends.

All these obedience over the years has really helped me in my career in terms of the spiritual. Like my pastor used to say, balance it all ‘’ be good, skill wise, have the anointing, be smart and just be passionate about it, with all this you can go to places all over the world.

You have been in the Industry for the past 20 years, how many Albums do you have?

I have 6 albums (Sing Praises to God, Intimacy, Call to Praise, Try Praise, Shekinah Praise and l Praise l Worship) and I have 3 music video titled Call to Praise, Shiloh and Living Praise video.

Who is your Role Model?

I have several role models, who are just like physical role models to me, people who l seal most every day. First is my mother Evangelist Dr.Bola Are, Evangelist Toun Soetan and Mummy Funke Felix Adejumo.

But if we are talking music role model, Yolanda Adams, Shirley Ceaser, Prophetess Juanita Bynum has really been the human zeal that drives me to where I am today.

Any Project you’re working on for now?

Yes! Single, am working on it. ‘’ Total Praise ‘’a concert l hosted last year, it was a massive one, while we are currently working on the video. Am also working on a new album for the market and l have some singles for the media consumption.

Your ‘’ Total Praise ‘’ concert last year was a massive success.

Hehehehe! Yes now, it will go higher in Jesus name. At the beginning I didn’t buy the idea because I didn’t have money, but thank God for the big brother that I have, uncle Edward Sunday, who pushed me, he said Yetunde lets do something like this.

I didn’t buy into the idea because I didn’t have money and there was no sponsor for the programme, but God does his work in unusual way for us and we thank God for the success .But this year, we are planning it big, we are bringing in more people as well, because we have to give back to our community.

I have had opportunity to minister outside Nigeria, this is the only avenue of giving back to our generation and my community and also we are praying that it should be bigger than the previous years.

What did you do at your leisure Time?

I listen to songs, I love to watch American action movie like 24 Hours, but that movie almost killed me, because it wasted my time and also waste my fuel because I. was curious about what the end will be, I am trying to learn how to swim and in short be happy every time.

Any word for people generally?

Please do good, get closer to God, be the best in what God has called you to do and find your purpose and lastly acquire more knowledge towards your purpose in life.

Any advice to your colleagues and upcoming artistes

My advice to my colleagues and upcoming artistes is that if God has really called you and you have seen your purpose from the calling, please acquire more knowledge in what God has given you. So that you can stand out of the crowd and bring your fans closer to God.

Have you ever thought of quitting music?

No! My mother is going to be 70 years very soon and she has never thought of quitting music, same goes for me. I don’t think of quitting music at all and God will never let that happen to me.

It is my pleasure having a chat with you

You’re welcome.

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017



How to Deal With Difficult People

Difficult people are everywhere. Perhaps you too can be difficult. Many people go through periods where they don't act their best. If you want to maintain a relationship with a difficult person, you will need to develop some coping and negotiation strategies.

Approaching a Difficult Person

Choose your battles wisely. When butting heads with a difficult person, decide when it is worth your efforts to discuss the problem.Not every fight needs to be fought. The sooner you realize this the happier your life will become. Ideally, you and this difficult person would be able to set aside your differences and compromise. Sometimes, this is impossible.
Ask yourself if the situation is causing you enough distress that it must be addressed.
Consider your relationship to this person. If it's your boss or another authority figure, you have to accept some things you don't like (unless it's abusive behavior).If it's a friend or family member, think about whether choosing not to engage is enabling bad behavior or simply saving you time and grief.
Can you even win this fight? You might really, really, want to take on someone that irks you. But you may have to size up the situation, and consider if it really is one that you can reach your goal. Or, the timing is bad. Or you may have to decide if you need to really formulate a plan, get help, or consider your options.

Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath before responding to collect your thoughts and calm your emotions. If your conflict is happening via email or texting, try to avoid sending digital text messages when upset. Take a bit of time to let your stress level decrease. Then you will be able to approach the person more reasonably.
If possible, discuss your issue somewhere neutral or in a place with an activity. For example, you could talk while walking. This can limit negative face-to-face interactions.

State your needs clearly with assertive communication. Don't give the person the opportunity to manipulate you or twist your words.Aim to use “I” statements rather than “you” accusations. For example:
”I understand that you are frustrated by my lateness. I would feel the same way. Unfortunately, the subway line was down this morning and we were stuck in the station. I am very sorry for making you wait!”
Do not say: “You are unreasonable for expecting me to be punctual when the subway system was broken down. If you really cared, you could have googled my line and checked.”

Continue being polite. No matter the response of the other person, keep your cool. Do not resort to name-calling. Take breaths before your responses. The key is to not let yourself sink to the other person’s level. Also, the calmer you remain, the more likely the other person will notice and reflect on his or her behavior.

Stick to the facts. Keep a short clear narrative that is not bogged down with too much detail or emotion. It is very possible you won’t be able to get the person to see your point of view and you don’t need to try to convince them. State what happened and don't feel you need to explain yourself.
Avoid trigger topics.For example, if you always fight about holidays with your sister-in-law, don’t discuss them! Have someone else do the mediating.
Avoid being defensive.You might want to argue your point but with difficult people, it is best to bypass these kinds of arguments. Do not waste your time trying to prove that you are right. Instead, keep the situation as neutral as possible.

Minimize your interactions. Although hopefully you can deal with your problem person, if not, limit your time with her. If you must interact, try to keep things short by excusing yourself from the conversation or bringing a third party into the conversation. Stay as positive as possible and make sure to calm down afterwards.
Accept that this person will likely never become the friend, colleague, or sibling you want.

Talk to allies. If you are not making headway with someone and need to do so, speak with a potential mediator. Perhaps your boss can help improve the situation. If your conflict is within the family, find a mutual party who can negotiate. Strive to share complaints only with people you trust.

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